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Different containers are used for used for different purpose. Before starting with the cultivation, choosing a perfect pot is the very first step to take. To make this choice, one needs to look for the characteristics that best suits one’s needs and the crop or plant to be grown. The type of pot chosen affects the health of roots which plays an important role in the proper development of the plant. If the roots will be healthy, then the plant will get the necessary minerals from the soil to grow and be hydrated properly. Therefore, it is important to make a good choice while selecting a pot. However, the choice depends on the factors like location and the way of growing a plant. CBD Cannabidiol Manufacturers are growing in large quantities. For example, if you are growing cannabis in winters, then your selection of pot will help the plant to get favourable humidity or temperature.

Making things easier for you to understand, you should select the pot that can help your plant to get the best possible environment for roots and their growth. Because it all starts from healthy and strong roots, your pot must be able to completely accommodate the roots with the proper ratio of soil, water, and air. To carry on further with the discussion, here, we can take into account what pots are necessary for healthy roots of cannabis.

The roots of cannabis should not dry out completely, because dried-out roots mean the plant is likely going to die. Roots also need proper aeration and oxygen. If the root system is depleted of the proper amount of oxygen, then it will also reflect in the growth of the plant in some way, even if this condition will not kill the plant.

Type of containers you can choose for different phases of your plant

There are varieties of pots available in the market or online but it depends on your needs and the growth or life phase of your plant. Here is a list of pots from which you can make a choice to meet your plant’s needs:

  • Standard Flower Pot: These are easily available pots. They are usually made from terracotta but nowadays, they are being sold made of plastics. Terracotta pots are in fact heavier than the plastic ones. They make a great choice for plants as they are helpful in storing an excessive amount of moisture and provide cooling effects that are important for the plant, especially in hot summer days. Such pots possess drainage hole at the bottom to avoid water logging otherwise one need to break the pot from the bottom side to add these characteristics to the pot. These pots usually come with a saucer to catch the runoff water below the hole of the pot.
  • Air Pots: Such pots work on a principle that prevents the plants to become root bound. Unlike the short pots which create a cluster of roots preventing their exposure to air and appropriate humidity that make the plant to be unhealthy, these pots are air-pruning allowing the plant to produce new & healthy branches. These are the plastic containers with openings from sides. But you would have to water more often as the openings make the water to evaporate faster. The advantage of these pots over others is that it is comparatively steadier but since the water is leaking from side openings, you would be required to set a proper-sized saucer. You can look for Wholesale Bulk Cbd Oil manufacturing to understand this process better.
  • Fabric Pots or Smart Pots: Fabric Pots and Air pots work on the same principle. They both allow the air-pruning of roots and prevent root bound. The advantage of using these pots is they do not make you overwater the plant. But if you compare these pots with a standard sized pot, they dry-out the soil at a greater pace. To prevent the evaporation at such a faster rate you would probably be in need of a bigger growing medium.
  • Hempy Buckets: In such pots, the drainage hole is not below the pot but few centimeters above from the bottom of the pot. This allows the pot to keep a reservoir of hydroponic nutrients at the bottom. The issue with such pots is you would have to keep a check on the nutrients becoming stagnant as this could block the air passage.

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