Sick of bunk info and terrible yields? This will help with the following guides teaching you how to grow weed in a pot.


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Cannabis Growing Basics

1.  Supplies & Setup

2.  Selecting Greenhouse Size

3.  Autoflower vs Photoperiod

4.  Greenhouse Air Circulation

5.  How to pH your Water

6.  Over vs Underwatering

7.  How to Top/LST pt.1

8.  How to Top/LST pt.2

9.  Setting up Grow Light Timer

10.  Wiring your Greenhouse

11.  Vacation During a Grow

12.  Growing Through Winter

13.  Setup for Indoor Grow

14.  Automated Water System

15.  Staking Cannabis Plants

16.  When to Harvest

17.  Stringing Cannabis Buds

18. How to Calibrate a pH Pen

19.  2X4 Grow Tent Setup

20. Homemade Air Conditioner

21. Flushing Before Harvest

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