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Ready to have all your questions about CBD answered? In this article, we will tackle 7 top frequently asked questions CBD. You might be asking, is CBD legal? How does CBD work? Can CBD get you high? Well, we will tackle all these issues and many more.

  1. How does CBD really work?

CBD plays a big role in the human’s body endocannabinoid system (ECS). Only discovered some few years ago, the ECS is basically a network of synapses and neurons throughout your brain and body. These neurons and synapses emit and respond successfully to CBD – a chemical compound that is extracted from the hemp plant and yes, a chemical that our very own body also produces.

In short, CBD works because the elements in it interact with the ECS to create a well functioning system of neurons in the body. In fact, that is the reason why our bodies respond perfectly to CBD when we feed it with additional cannabinoids.

  1. Why does CBD affect its users differently?

Well, to begin with – and perhaps most evidently – we all have different bodies. Different bodies have different chemical compositions. None of us resembles the other.

Factors like gender, medical history, lifestyle, weight, and age largely determine how CBD will relate to our bodies. That makes sense, right?

Additionally, you have to consider the potency or strength of the CBD product you are using. Are you swallowing two 500mg CBD capsule? Or are you rubbing on a 100mg CBD muscle rub?

These two methods of using CBD will certainly produce different results; confirming again, why different people will have different experiences with CBD.

  1. Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD is permissible in most places. THC, the other component extracted from Cannabis is the one that illegal in many countries. However, pure CBD does not, even a little, contain harmful or toxic components.

The fact that CBD does not have any psychoactive effects makes it permissible around many places in the world. That said, it advisable you check the laws of where you reside and the regulations of where you work, to ascertain if CBD use is permitted.

  1. Does CBD oil get you intoxicated?

We have some bad news – or good news, depending on what you wish to hear. CBD will never get you high.

This is because of one major reason: it doesn’t contain psychoactive properties that are found in other species of cannabis plant.  THC is the only cannabis component that is responsible for giving you a feeling of euphoria.

The fact that it doesn’t give a “high” feeling makes it a perfect option for patients with various kinds of ailments.

  1. How do I go about making edibles with CBD?

Guess you want to know how to infuse CBD in your meals.

The easy way to infuse CBD into your diet is to us CBD shatter or CBD isolate. This powdered or crystallized form of CBD is great for blending into your daily food regimen easily.

With these forms of CBD, one can simply mix their CBD into whatever foods they are preparing. Just be cautious with the dosage, potency levels, and CBD strength.

  1. How much CBD should one take?

Your CBD dosage greatly depends on various factors. These factors can include your gender, personal preferences, lifestyle, medical history, weight and age, and more.

The good thing though is to consult a doctor or a medical expert. We would be glad to make recommendations but it is advisable to start little by little and increase your dosage slowly.

  1. Can I take CBD at work?

This is a great question. While most CBD supplements do not contain harmful components synonymous in THC, every place of work is different. And every CBD supplement is different.

You want to ensure that the CBD product you are taking contains 0% THC if you work in a place where this might land you in trouble.

This is also the reason why it is vital to ensure you only buy CBD products from trustworthy vendors. You can as well opt to personally test the product you are using in a third party lab to ensure what you are using is harmless.

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