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Let’s say you just smoked a big fat joint in your room, and you hear your dad’s car rolling up the driveway. Or maybe after a pot session, your boss called to say you have to go to the office right away for a work emergency. Whatever the situation, the smell of weed can sometimes get you undesirable attention, so learning how to hide the smell is a must for pot smokers! Read on for a breakdown of a variety of methods that can get rid of the smell, or at least keep it at a minimum.

The old towel-under-the-door trick

Having an impromptu session and want to hide the odor? Visitors in your house, and you don’t want them to find out about your habits? Then the good old towel is gonna be your best friend! You don’t have to be smoking to need this little guy. Even vaping, dabbing AND grinding can release any unwanted smells.

Dampen your towel with a little bit of water and place it at the bottom of the closed (and locked, don’t forget!) door you are smoking in. Make sure that all the gaps are filled. As long as your door does not have huge cracks on the sides, the smoke won’t seep out so the smell won’t be detected.

If all else fails, just smoke outdoors! But that isn’t an option for everyone, especially in places where pot is still illegal, so make sure you choose the room you smoke in carefully and keep a handy towel around.

Store it right!

Don’t want anyone catching a whiff of your secret stash? Then you better not be just stuffing them in your sock drawer!

Ziploc bags do NOT hide the smell. You need to have the right equipment, like a bag that’s vacuum-sealed, or even a mason jar. The keyword here is airtight, or else the scent of your cannabis will be noticeable. You don’t want to have to explain to your grandmother what that weird smell is when she comes into your room.

There are easily purchasable items that have been designed for the particular purpose of hiding the odor of weed.  Designer bags by Skunk have activated carbon in their lining, which disguises the smell, especially if you’re carrying large containers of weed. For smaller items like blunts and pre-rolls, dube tubes are your go-to.

If you’re frequently on the go, you should consider giving these products a try.

Ventilation, please.

You’ll need a fan and a window to ventilate the room once you’ve covered the gap at the bottom of your door with a towel. If your room is not ventilated, then the smell will stick around all day, and you wouldn’t want that, right?

Hiding the smell while you smoke isn’t enough. You’d also have to make sure the smell won’t stay in the room, so make sure you chose one with a window.

Crack it open, and point the fan towards it. This will help push the air out. You could also exhale your smoke at the back of a working fan while it’s in front of the window, so the smoke goes out right away.

An air purifier is a great investment if you smoke your weed regularly in one room, because it’s great for getting rid of any smell of smoke.

Bye bye, papers!

Go for a pipe instead of lighting up a joint this time.

During a smoke session, your lit blunt will stay lit the ENTIRE TIME. Imagine, the area will be constantly full of smoke while you’re lighting up, and smoke = smell. To make sure there won’t be a stale smoke odor in the room, you’d have to constantly stick your head out of an open window. So papers are a big no no!

One hitters all the way.

If you’re smoking a nice bowl, it’s gonna stay lit which could make the area stink of pot. We’ve already established that more smoke in the air is bad, so how can we avoid this for all those bong-lovers out there?

One great technique is making sure you take less hits by packing all the weed you can into just one. By the time you’re done with that one hit, nothing will be left but ash. Make sure you exhale that smoke right out of the window to minimize the smell.

Try vaping.

I know there are a lot of smoke loyalists out there, but vapor isn’t so bad. One advantage to vaporizing is that the smell doesn’t stick as much, nor does it float away too far. Your clothes will be smell-free, too!

After a sesh, all you’d need would be a nice breath mint and you’re good to go. You’d still need to use the towel and fan, though, so remember our previous tips.

One option is using THC cartridges. They’ve got the effect of cannabis without the natural smell. Make sure the cartridges you get don’t have terpenes, though, because those give you the taste and smell of weed. Another great choice are distillates, because smell-causing terpenes have already been eliminated when it was distilled.

Don’t get too chill though. Make sure that your vapor doesn’t float to anyone nearby to avoid anyone finding out, because vapor clouds are quite visible.

Spray it up!

This isn’t very effective, but it’s a good last resort for people who have no other choice.

You can try hiding the smell with the odor of something else, like incense, sprays, or candles, although you have to be careful with what you choose. Experiment with various brands and varieties, and avoid air fresheners at all costs, because those just mix with the smell of weed and make it worse. There are some types of candles that can eliminate smoke, but you should light these up before you start smoking.

One last hit.

With all these methods, you’ve got the knowledge to keep your habits hidden! It might sound like a hassle, but they’re worth the effort if you don’t want to be caught. It’s up to you to choose which one you prefer. You could even mix several techniques together, let your imagination lead the way!

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