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The main types of cannabis seeds

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Hemp is one of the varieties found in cannabis plants; Despite the fact that its seeds have properties rich in amino acids and nutrients, the use of other parts of the plant is more widespread, the stems and leaves are used in the textile and cellulose industry. Instead, cannabis sativa is the plant from which the substances used in the production of drugs and cannabis-based products are extracted.

The cultivation of the plant depends on the germination of the cannabis seeds at the right time, some experts say that the best season to germinate is in the spring, its growth begins in the hot months during spring and summer, to finish growing in autumn where its flowers finally appear.

Classification of plants genera

The universe of plants is very diversified in terms of their classification and reproduction, in a large part of the plants their reproduction happens through the flowers.

Plants need both genders to reproduce, in hermaphrodite plant types they themselves have female and male organs in their flowers: the presence of both sexes allows the plant to be fertilized. There are plants that have the presence of flowers of both genders, in different parts of the plant and pollination occurs with the help of the wind.

Finally, there are the plants within the same species that have different genera, based on what they need to unite the two reproductive organs of a plant and another plant so that there is pollination.

The plants with this characteristic are called dioecious, in the case of the male cannabis plant, its responsibility is to produce the flowers and the female plants form the calyxes that are like small seeds forming a button structure that open when they are mature.

 What are the existing types of cannabis?

Cannabis sativa

From the cannabis sativa plant, almost all of its parts can be used for different purposes, be they textiles using its fibers or industrial ones for fuel production, in addition to medicinal and recreational use. One of the most salient characteristics of this species is that it has a faster growth compared to Cannabis Indica, there is more space between its leaves and flowers.

Another peculiarity for which this plant is recognized is for its energizing actions when it is consumed.

Cannabis Indica

In relation to the Cannabis Indica plant, its growth is slower, the vast majority do not exceed more than 5 feet in height, the leaves and flowers are abundant, for that reason there is little distance between one segment and another.

Unlike cannabis sativa, cannabis indica has a more intense green coloration, due to being used to lower temperatures and receiving less light. One of the effects provided by the herbs of this plant is body relaxation.

Conclusive Thoughts

Thanks for reading. We sincerely hope you liked this article. Certainly, cannabis plants are so diverse and complex, by many of us it could be considered an art (or sort of). Make sure to come back, we’ll be publishing more interesting articles on the subject!


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