Marijuana Stealth grow box

Stealth is the key to many growers that don’t want neighbors, visitors or even other people in the same house knowing what they are growing. Growers using the stealth method apply it to cupboards, tallboys, wardrobes, hollowed out drawers and even PC boxes. Check out our stealth grow box reviews.

Stealth is of importance to many indoor marijuana growers. The marijuana plants are usually hard to conceal their nature. They tend to produce very strong odors. However, with the ideal stealth hydroponic grow boxes, it is possible to grow your plants safely. A number of aspects are considered in ensuring that a grow box will cover your grow habits. These are discussed below.

Features of a good stealth grow box

  • Quietness-You would not want anybody visiting your premises to start asking questions over constant noises coming from a certain corner. The noise may be produced by the ventilation fans. That is why is vital to have a stealth box that produces little or no sound at all.
  • Looks-The looks of a good stealth grow box must be minimalistic. This means that the cosmetic of the box should not be suspicious. There are some grow boxes that will be designed as the normal cloth closets/wardrobes. This ensures that the box does not raise suspicion. It should blend in (camouflage) with the environment.
  • Lights-A stealth box should not have light leaks. Such could create suspicion. Another thing is to ensure that the plants get the required amount of light for good growth.
  • Odors-Whether it is handmade or bought from a shop, a good stealth box should always make sure that the marijuana smell does not leak. If you are making the box, carbon filters would be ideal if fitted.
  • Factors to consider when purchasing a stealth grow box
  • Budget-Depending on the features, stealth grow boxes will come in different shapes and prices. It is good to go for the one that will suit your farming.
  • Size-This will be influenced by the number of plants one wants to grow. The higher the number of plants, the larger the size of the grow box.

In general, many people, especially patients would want to keep their plants a secret. A good stealth grow box will always do the trick. Therefore, it is worth to invest in a perfect box that has all the aspects that will give you a good harvest and at the same time keeping your activities hidden.