The organic growing of Marijuana simply means deriving ingredients and everything else from living things for use in Marijuana growth. This means that pesticide chemicals and synthetic fertilizer are not used. It is very easy to grow marijuana organically and plants with organic nutrients grow faster during the vegetative phase since it is very easy to absorb liquid nutrients. Spending so much money to grow marijuana becomes unnecessary when you decide to use organic ingredients, it is much more like growing weed in the wild where all that is needed is, the soil and natural manure.

Organic Marijuana is usually grown with soil and nutrients which are extracted from living things. The best taste and smell of Marijuana usually comes from a living soil which is why it is good to use organic material. Organic weed is preferred because it provides appealing effects when used for recreation. Organic weed also is of high quality which is good even for people with medical conditions and is using medical marijuana to treat their ailments.

Organic growing of Marijuana is also very easy as compared to hydroponics. If you decided to grow organic Marijuana, it won’t matter where you live as there is no need of laboratory for purposes of fertilizing and growing Marijuana. Using regular organic soil and regular nutrient ingredients will also give you results though not as good as ones provided by a living soil.

Living soil contains important microorganisms and microfauna that includes; bacteria, protozoa, nematodes, and fungi which makes soil food. The tiny living creature in the soils or soil living microorganisms helps to break down of soil nutrients to facilitate easy absorption by the roots. Organic soil includes; most types of compost, earthworm castings, kelp meal, fish emulsion among other ingredients along this line that allow living microorganisms to proliferate. Organic tea grow

marijuana floweringWhen growing organic Marijuana, do not use tap water as it tends to contain a lot of fluoride and some other chemicals that can kill important bacteria in your soil.

Organic growing can be facilitated by the addition of supplements. Supplements like compost teas help reintroduction of living microorganisms into the soil and also fighting of pathogens that could cause a disease to the Marijuana plant. Another way of organic growing is through the inoculation of the soil with mycorrhizal fungi.mycorrhizal and fungi combined help to accelerate the uptake of water and nutrients which facilitates vegetating and blooming of the plant.


Apart from water, Marijuana requires a few other important nutrients that include; carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese. These synthetic nutrient supplements supply nutrient directly to the plant until when the plant cannot take more

Nutrient. When the plant cannot absorb more nutrients the excess is passed through the soil with water drain off. Organic soil does not require the nutrient supplements because they have ingredients that contain important mineral and molecules. Uptake of nutrients is based on the level of plant requirements and there is no need for attention or spending extra money.