The Nectars Nature Nutrients is compatible with hydroponics, soil, irrigation and Coco gardening and has been approved by the Organic review Institute for food growth and so it is best suited for growth. The solution form of this nutrient has no sediments and all nutrients are available at the point of application. Growers, who have used the Nectars Nature Nutrients properly, praise the results they achieved, including the yields that the Marijuana plant provided them with.

The Nitrogen in Nectar Nature provides nutrition that benefits the growing medium of the plant and, 13% of the Nitrogen solution also has amino acids which enhance photosynthesis to achieve a greener plant.

The nutrient contains Nature’s Nectar Phosphorus that is fully solubilized and has calcium. The organic acid in Nature Nectar ensures that phosphorus is easily absorbed by the plant roots system. The phosphorus contributes to the weight of the flowers and fruits, this is very important for the realization of high yield during the harvest period. It also enhances strong root development.

Nature’s Nectar provides potassium that is highly solubilized. This potassium has cytokinins that help in the flourishing of flowers. Movement of potassium into the plant is facilitated by the Alginic acid. The Nature’s Nectar potassium also builds the marijuana plant immunity, together with the mixture of sea kelp species.


There are no special procedures for soil growing, the hydroponic mixing instructions should be used twice a week. The Foliar spray is applied with one teaspoon for each gallon of water every week. Equipment should be cleaned in each growing cycle. If you want to keep your reservoir appearing as a mineral base, you may need to use 5-micron filter, it is important to note that this procedure is not a must requirement and it will not affect the growing process in any way. It is also not necessary to adjust PH in the feeding Phase as experiments have shown that skipping this phase has no effect.

The previous experiments also show that you should not add air into the reservoir because bubbles airborne can inject bacteria into the reservoir and cause accumulation of Bacteria which will affect the plant growth negatively.

Application of the three nutrients with Gallon of water varies. For example, for every 5 Gallon of water Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium are applied in the amount of 2.7,4 and 4 tablespoons respectively. The amount of tablespoon will still vary depending on the amount of water you decide to use.

Beginners in the Marijuana growing should remember to follow the feeding schedule to allow the plant to grow healthy and form the important and most sought after chemicals in Marijuana such as tetrahydrocannabinol for recreation and cannabinoids with lower levels of THC and which is mostly used for medicinal purposes to treat disease such insomnia. Many cases of plant yellowing and poor yield after the use of the Nectars Nature Nutrients is usually as a result of exceeding the dosage or not being able to follow the entire feeding schedule as provided by the manufacturer.