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Growing of marijuana has been declared illegal by most of the countries in the world. But if a person wants to grow his own weed, many restrictions could be imposed on his growing activity. A threat may sometimes be involved from the law enforcement force depending on your living location. This indicates that in certain situations a person needs to go into stealth growing mode.

Different risks are associated with marijuana cultivation at home. Whether it be, seeds ordering and then cultivating them or different types of imposed restrictions or housemates make the growing operation risky, etc. It does not matter how good a person is in growing marijuana once he got caught and end up in jail, he could end up there for a good part of his life where all his skills will be of no use.

So if a person plans to grow marijuana illegally he should make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips in order to avoid getting caught.

Do not disclose your idea to anyone

Excitement comes naturally when growing the first plant. You can tell a few people whom you know very well so that they can provide you with a little bit of support. It also reduces the chance of an individual getting busted by constitutional authorities or burglarized by thieves. We know that it’s quite hard to not show off when there is a lot of enthusiasm filled inside you regarding the process. But this secret must remain a secret. Telling someone about your plan is one of the easiest ways a person can get himself in trouble.

It is also important to take care of that anyone else should not be able to smell cannabis you are growing. Marijuana odor is pretty pungent and most of the people get busted because of the smell. So by taking different measures to control smell, you can protect yourself from becoming an easy target for authorities and marijuana haters. Those people who grow marijuana strictly for their personal purpose faceless legal trouble than those who grow it for selling purpose.

From where to order seeds

Federal laws of different countries create a lot of trouble if you are ordering your seeds from a different country. Try to find a good dealer within the country and take maximum precautions. If you live in a state where marijuana is prohibited try to ship your product to a different address from the place of growing. This is important to reduce the paper trail and it also prevents the possibility of receiving the package by anyone else.

Keep a Low Profile

Try to keep inquisitive eyes away from the process going on inside your house. While growing cannabis inside the house a person needs to carry in pots, bulbs, soil bags and other material related to cultivation to construct the growing area. Try not to look suspicious while bringing the required stuff.

For this, it is good to keep the required items in cardboard boxes if possible. During the construction of the growing room for marijuana try to keep the noise at the lowest possible level so that it does not attract any attention.

In case you are growing outside on any other land that you do not own then avoid getting into a routine. Avoid visiting your garden or growing place at the same time every day so that your concern does not draw the attention of your neighbors. The best possible reasons to visit the place could be morning walk, mountain biking etc.

Take care of the sight

To other people, the surrounding environment should appear normal. Always assume for safety that if a person saw your growing activity he will get to know what is going on causing immediate and big trouble for you.

To reduce your chances of being caught try covering your equipment with black trash bags. And also be sure about what you throw into your trash. Avoid throwing your cannabis related garbage in public bin because when the garbage would be picked by the concerned person he will in no time understand and find your secret plan.

Walk around the house in a couple of days at different time intervals to check that any suspicious thing should not lie outside.

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