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With the recent signing of the U.S. Farm Bill into law, non-psychoactive hemp products are officially legal across the United States. While the CBD industry had been on the rise for many years already, this legal base will certainly open the doors to entrepreneurs looking to enter one of the most promising markets in the country.

However, no good business grows without knowledge and experience. To become successful in the legal marijuana industry, it is crucial to have an insight on the best growing practices, extraction techniques and other industry-specific features. Several institutions across the United States have started to offer full curriculums on the marijuana industry, with their doors open to both beginners and business professionals who want to get a strong position on a market that is expected to reach a value of almost USD 150 Billion by the end of 2025 according to a report by Grand View Research.

What Does a Marijuana College Offer?

Based in the city of Orlando, Learn Sativa University is one of the institutions offering a broad range of courses for anyone wanting to join the cannabis industry as an employee, entrepreneur or business owner. Its “Hands-On Management Certification Course” covers everything from the legal aspect of marijuana, a historical background on its usage and properties, best dispensary management practices and a step-by-step marijuana growing course.

While it is true that there is useful information on the internet, established cannabis universities offer a unique opportunity to interact with experts on the field and business professionals sharing their tips and secrets to avoid common mistakes and get your business going immediately. Comprehensive courses usually last around four weeks and end with a final exam and a certificate. Students then have free access to a cannabis job board should they want to begin their career and gain hands-on experience in the industry.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis College?

With the so-called “green rush” attracting thousands of people in the United States, there are many institutions promising quality education and delivering less-than-satisfactory results at best. As with any other business, reputation is the key. Before enrolling into any course, check the experiences of their alumni and try to gather as many reviews as possible to get an insight on what to expect from it.

Learn Sativa University is one of the leaders of cannabis education in the country. Below each of their courses you can find tenths of authentic reviews from previous students who openly share their experiences and recommendations. Don’t base your research solely on the college’s website though; try to get as many sources of information as possible and look for reports on serious newspapers and renowned platforms before deciding.

When you start looking for a cannabis college, have clear expectations and make a list of the specific subjects you would like to learn about. While some institutions offer comprehensive curricula, others provide courses focusing on specifics such as cannabis business management, marijuana strains or cultivation techniques.

In-Class VS Online Courses

It is no secret that in-class courses offer a direct exposure which cannot be achieved by online training methods. However, not everyone is able to attend a cannabis university either because of time or location constrains.

If you can manage your schedule to fit an in-class course, it is certainly the best option. Not only will you have the opportunity to engage in conversations with experts in the field, but you can gain valuable hands-on experience and encounter real challenges which will appear later in your business life.

On the other hand, if you cannot commit yourself to an in-class course, try to find an online alternative which allows as much interaction as possible. Reviews are also crucial here, as they will let you have an insight on the experience of previous students and their evaluation of the courses’ structure.

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