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When growing Marijuana indoors, it is important to select a variety that will give you the best results. The yields and quality of your plant under artificial light are usually influenced by factors such as; a variety of the seeds, whether the plants are grown from clones or seeds and it also depends on how the climate room is optimized.

The indoor growth of Marijuana has gained major popularity recently as it produces great stash which is of excellent value and quality than the ones being sold in the streets. The success of growing Marijuana indoors relies heavily on the power of artificial light being used. The lights should have enough strength so as to replicate the influence of the sunlight usually need several watts of electricity to run. High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide, LED light and some other forms of lights have all been used for indoor growth and worked successfully.

For every indoor grower, it is important to note that Marijuana plants love lights; therefore, success will depend on the capacity to deliver as much light as possible. Expert growers recommend 250 Watts per square meter as the lowest level of the starting point. The objective should be to reach up to 3 times of the lowest required level. A lot of light for your plant means denser, huge buds and excellent quality of yields. Growers should always ensure that the plant is close enough to the lamp to increase the level of light intensity to access the buds and the leaves. Some lights tend to emit heat which is likely to damage your plant. The simple way to test light temperature is by use of the back of the hands. If the light makes the back of your hand feels hot, it will be hot for the plant too.

Where the Marijuana plant grows too tall, it can be tied. There are indoor growers who train their plant to grow taller so as to get most parts of the plants as close to high light intensity as possible. Some growers adopt SCROG (screen of green) technique so as to keep the buds closer to the lamp for maximization of yields.

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If you are an indoor grower you can make use of suppliers who provide lights that are air cooled and is enclosed in a casing of glass. Cooling occurs when a fan pushes air over the light and outside the grow room through a tube which leaves the grow room cool and enabling the plants to grow taller without burning. A good grow room should be between 23 to 30 degrees for the achievement of optimum results. A cooler growing environment is most likely cause the plant to maintain a slow growth while higher temperatures can cause the Marijuana plant to wilt. The gentle breeze from the fan and constant supply of fresh air help to clear stale air from the grow room. Some indoor growers make use of ozone generators to remove odors from the growing area.

The benefits of growing your own weed

Growing plant indoor enables the grower freedom to decide the growing mediums. The soil is mostly is used by a majority of growers. Many new and inexperienced growers usually make the mistake of adding too much water to the soil. It is recommended to know the weight of your plant growing pot and water only when the plants require it.

Growing Marijuana indoors is possibly the best option any grower can take this is because the grower is also allowed a daily and close supervision of the growing conditions and there is no worry about pests that are common in the outdoor growing environment, it is actually very easy to control pets indoors than the outdoors. Perhaps the only problem that most indoor growers have to deal with indoors is the characteristic smell of marijuana. But having a working system of air purification can save the grower from the betrayal of the smell and prevent it from being noticed by people.

Getting good yields usually begin with high-quality seeds before putting the other systems into place and therefore, it is very important to get your excellent seeds from the most trusted suppliers.

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