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Starting a business from scratch is not an easy task in any industry. However, when calculating the costs of purchasing the equipment needed to grow, select and extract hemp plants, you might think it twice before starting your CBD company.

However, the recent legislative changes in the United States and other western countries, as well as an increasing public awareness of the health benefits of cannabidiol has made this an attractive sector for investors and entrepreneurs.  Furthermore, the appearance of CBD Oil Manufacturers has significantly lowered the barriers of entry to the market, allowing new brands to appear without having to invest thousands of dollars in specialized equipment.

Wholesale CBD Producers: Quality Cannabidiol for Industry Professionals

The main characteristic that differentiates CBD brands from wholesale CBD manufacturers is that the later do not sale their products to individual customers or private individuals. CBD brands purchase the raw products from manufacturers, often providing them with specific requirements and custom formulations.

For instance, when a CBD company needs vape oils or sublingual tinctures with specific flavor profiles, it can place an order to one of the CBD manufacturers in the area. This way, the company takes care of the marketing and retailing, while the manufacturer produces the extracts following specific guidelines.

While many customers and individuals are against CBD companies purchasing their products from wholesale manufacturers, the fact is their quality can be superior to that of privately-manufactured cannabidiol. This is due to the fact that wholesale CBD manufacturers have access to the best equipment, knowhow and experience, often producing quality products for several different companies with diverse characteristics.

Where can I find a CBD Supplier for my new Company?

While a simple Google search will show you thousands of different CBD manufacturers, it is crucial to take into consideration each firm’s profile and previous experience. In the United States, is one of the most renowned providers of cannabidiol for companies all over the country. While -as with most CBD Manufacturers- their list of customers is not publicly available, they often custom formulations to suit the needs and requirements of each individual company.

In other countries where legislation still limits the access to cannabidiol, it might be harder to find CBD manufacturers to start your company. In Canada, the United States and most Western European countries, cannabidiol products containing THC concentrations below 0.3% are considered legal and can be manufactured, purchased and consumed without any restriction.

These legal restrictions to the CBD industry make it crucial for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the market to verify the compliance of their suppliers with the relevant laws. The best and most renowned wholesale products of CBD carry out regular third-party laboratory tests on their products to ensure their legality.

While natural CBD tinctures and hemp extracts are certainly the most popular products in offer by wholesale manufacturers, many of these companies are willing to produce customized edibles, capsules, topicals and other products for their clients.

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