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Marijuana Strains

green crack strain review

Strain Review – Green Crack

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Green Crack is a Sativa marijuana strain that was initially known as Kush. Regardless of what they say, this strain will influence you to feel invigorated, cheerful, and uplifted. As Snoop Dogg wears his new title, this strain appreciates extraordinary fame on account of its solid buzz and discussion request.    …

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marijuana concentratess

Legendary Marijuana Concentrates

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The harvested parts of marijuana plants, cannabis flowers, in their unprocessed forms, are fragile and prone to desiccation and loss of potency. After harvest, cannabis flowers require the skilled hands of an artist who subjects it to a lengthy process of concentration, a procedure which increases marijuana’s potency, portability, and…

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best marijuana strains

The best of Marijuana Strains

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Just like alcohol had its dawn several thousands of years ago, marijuana is experiencing its dawn in a couple of states in the USA and other countries worldwide. To staunch stoners, legalization of marijuana is a revolution, and it is a historical milestone. With its legalization, the marijuana industry, which…

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