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Arizer Air II

The Air II vaporizer is a pocket-friendly portable that vapes dried blends like a champ. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and it connects to your favorite glass accessories for added water filtration. The Arizer Air II (Air 2) vaporizer can be set between 50 and 220 degrees C (122 and 428 degrees F). The supplied battery capacity provides approximately 90 minutes of continuous operation at full charge.The Arizer Air II Vaporizer has 50% higher capacity battery and an even faster heat up time.

  • Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor, which is arguably one of the most important variables to consider when buying a new vaporizer, is well above average with this vape. It could be a bit more dense (thicker) and there could be a bit less draw resistance, but even still, it’s some really hi-quality, tasty stuff. And when you connect the vape to a water filter, it’s that much cooler and smoother.

  • Battery life

The Air II is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, an 18650 battery to be specific, which is the same type used by most modern vape mods. Subsequently, it’s easy to find replacements and backups, which is definitely a good thing given that it’s designed to be user replaced. This means that you can pickup some extra batteries and keep them fully charged to swap in when the battery in use is drained.

How to use

With tne new digital display, a feature not seen in the original, the Air vape is now that much easier to use. It was already easy to use, but now, it’s even easier. Subsequently, this is one of the vaporizers that we highly recommend for beginners because it really is just that easy to use. Here’s how you use it:

  • Step one is to power on the device. In order to do this, simply hold the power down for a few seconds and it should light right up, assuming it’s fully charged and in proper working order.
  • Once turned on, select the temperature of your choosing by using the buttons, up and down arrows, located below the display to adjust the temperature to your preference.
  • While it’s heating up, go ahead and pack your blend into the mouthpiece and then gently tap on the end that you just loaded to create a small air gap (1 millimeter) before inserting the mouthpiece into the oven. Inhale. That’s all there is to it.


  • Compact
  • Quality Build
  • Removable Batteries
  • Custom Settings


  • Not as powerful as Solo II

Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo 2 is a hybrid portable vaporizer. It is the third and latest in the Arizer line of products. Not exactly the known for the ultimate in portability instead it earns its keep with exceptional battery life and great vapour quality. The Solo II averages close to 3 hours of battery life which is very impressive and equates to anywhere from 15-20 sessions on a full charge. Basically you are looking at arguably the best battery life available on the portable vaporizer market!

Due to its size the Solo II may be more suited for carrying from room to room or when relaxing out in the yard. It is still small enough to carry around in your pocket but would best be avoided if doing an extreme physical activity like biking or skateboarding.

  • Vapor quality

The quality of the Solo 2 vapor is simply fantastic. The first solo was a big success in terms of vapor quality but with some limitations. Arizer Solo 2 uses ceramic radiators, stainless steel bowls and a glass rod system, so the taste and feel of the vapor are unique. It has excellent manufacturing with anodized aluminum hulls and is supported by one of the most reliable companies in the industry.

  • Battery life

The battery life of the 3-hour Arizer Solo 2 is twice as long as that of the original solo i.e you never have to worry about charging everytime.


  • Excellent vapor quality
  • stong and solid construction
  • Long battery life
  • Precise temperature control


  • Uses fragile glass stem
  • Not very portable


Air II and Solo 2 both produce excellent quality vapor, although the power of the Solo 2 makes it faster and longer. The Solo 2 has a much longer battery life, but with a little foresight you shouldn’t run out of juice when you’re out and about with the Air 2 either. Both are well built and stylish, and both are rugged and robust.

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