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Over the years, people have come up with different ways to consume/smoke CBD or e-liquids. Obviously, everyone has a personal preference as to how they like to go about it. But, with advances in vaping technology, new and interesting ways have emerged. These methods of smoking are supposedly safer and pose fewer health concerns. Although it’s an ongoing debate as to which method is the safest one, many health professionals are agreeing that any method which is relatively smoke-free should post least risks and should be given preference over any other method.

To that end, you will see many devices or vaping accessories emerging in the market including bongs, pipes, dry herb vapes, hookahs, and dab rigs. Each of these devices offers a different experience. Check out top 5 smoking accessories that are taking the market by storm –

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes have to be the most common and popular way to enjoy vaping and almost everyone is familiar with them. This particular device is generally preferred for the convenience and ease of use. They are incredibly simple to use, compact in size, and highly portable. Over the years, makers of hand pipes have gotten creative that’s why you will find them in myriad interesting designs and styles. In fact, the choices may often be overwhelming making it hard to choose one. Many shops have them imitating everyday objects. The way to use one such device is to trap the smoke released by the burning of cannabis which you then inhale for a nice hit.

Water Pipes

Two of the most common variations of water pipes are bongs and bubblers. Much like hand pipes, this particular device also comes in myriad designs and styles carrying several added functionalities. The thing that makes them edgier and more sophisticated over other devices is the incorporation of the water element. Although it’s again a debatable topic as to whether or not adding water is beneficial; some do feel it acts like a filter mechanism removing harmful constituents from the smoke. That’s one of the things you might want to consider if you plan on buying one of these smoking devices.


Let’s be honest. Hookahs are not exactly known for smoking herbs and concentrates as they are typically associated with Shisha smoking (its the term Americans use for wet tobacco). One of the reasons why many didn’t prefer hookahs for smoking cannabis is because the low water content that causes the material to burn faster which results in wastage and also produces an acrid taste. But, over the years smokers have started embracing hookahs since they are a more social smoking device. You can sit in a circle and revolve it around thus creating a more fun setting. Also, to overcome the problem of material wastage, people would sandwich the cannabis between tobacco. Again, one of the biggest selling points of hookahs is the elevated factor of socialization.


These happen to be the best choice so far, no matter if you are a novice or an experienced smoker. In fact, vaporizers are supposed to provide the healthiest smoking experience. The device works by heating the herbs steadily to reach a temperature where  CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids start to extract. However, it keeps the temperature low enough to avoid extracting potentially harmful toxins that combustion may release. Vaporizers or vaporization method is essentially supposed to eliminate health risks associated with smoking which is what makes it such a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts. Vaporizers also reduce the odor significantly, something that many first time users complain about. The market for vaporizers is expanding exponentially with the advancements in technology.

Dab Rigs

For those of you who have ever used a bong or a water pipe would have noticed the slight similarity between them and a dab rig. But, unlike a water pipe, a dab rig would heat up the concentrates into vapors for a finer smoking experience. In terms of aesthetics and design, you will find each dab rig to be unique. Essentially, these are supposed to have a nail, dabbing wand, torch lighter, and a glass piece. Nail is the most important part of a dab rig since it heats up the concentrate and turns it into vapor. You can find nails in materials like titanium, glass, quartz, ceramics but most dabbing enthusiasts prefer quartz since it is better able to retain the finer flavors of a dab. This device comes with a butane torch lighter which heats the nail to reach the temperature necessary for the vaporization of concentrates.

Final Thoughts

Although everyday new and interesting smoking accessories and devices are hitting the market, these five devices would always remain a popular choice. These are definitely among the more dependable choices you can count on for a pleasurable smoking experience.

It’s also important to buy vaping liquids such as CBD oil from a quality supplier. Industrial Hemp Farms is a good place to explore different CBD products for the purpose of vaping.




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