Topping Marijuana Plants

The sole aim of a marijuana grower is to increase the yields of their plants. This has seen many growers exercise many technics to their plants. Advanced growers have always used topping as a method of having large buds that are desirable. In this article, we are going to define topping, and how it is exercised to ensure a good harvest.

What is topping?

Topping is the process in which the top most stalk of your marijuana plants is cut. When a marijuana plant is topped, the stem develops two shoots. Multiple topping can alter to having the desired number of shoots.

Reasons for Topping

  • Yields-When the marijuana plants are topped, they become bushier due to increase in the number of stalks and hence more buds. Normally, you will find that untopped plants will have Christmas tree-like shape. This won’t produce much yield. Topping the plants literally inverts the shape.
  • Height Management-Some strains like Sativa may grow very tall. This may be against indoor growers who have limited space. Topping helps in keeping the height of the herbs to desired levels.
  • Good Overall growth-The marijuana plants will have good growth since after topping, the pyramid shape is inverted. Therefore, lower branches will access light leading to uniform growth on the whole plant.

Perfect time to top

Topping is ideal when our plants are in the vegetative stage of growth. When the plants have developed 5 to 6 nodes, it will be the perfect time. At this time, the plants will recover quickly after topping since they have large photosynthesis areas. Multiple topping is done when 2 shoots develop after the first topping. The grower can then top the new shoots as well.

Good nutrition for our plants will be essential as now they will be bushier, therefore, needing large amounts.

When topping is executed well, one is assured of heavy harvests of the marijuana plants. It can be used in combination of other techniques as well such as fimming, supercropping or even low-stress training to manipulate the size of the yield.