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Let us say you are interested in growing weed, there are some conditions you have to consider if that weed has to grow properly. There is no doubt that each plant has its own demand, the same thing goes for marijuana. A number of strains exist on the market each with its own set of demands, but somehow they all need certain conditions to be same. We get to look at such conditions in this guide. Symbiotic Nutritionals is company that has great products. Let us get started already.

  1. Light

When it comes to growing cannabis, light is definitely something important. The idea is that you just have to offer enough light without it being too bright. This is because the amount of light that you get to use will definitely determine the type of field that you get to see. When you get to use small grow lights, then you can expect your yields will always be limited no matter what else you get to do.

Light is also crucial when it comes to affecting how the plant grows. Depending on the color spectrum of the light used, the plant will grow tall and lanky or get bushier and squat. There is no doubt you would want it to grow bushier. It is the reason nowadays most people prefer LED grow lights that deliver on a custom color spectrum important for optimal weed growth.

It is always important to take the time to compare various grow lights before making up your mind. Having too much light from big grow lights is also not good. If that is the case, place the lights at the right distance away.

  1. The Temperature

Plants are just like humans. They will only thrive well under the right temperature ranges. You will get that if it is right for you, then it is also right for the plants. This is because the cannabis plants will like temperatures in the 70 – 85 degree F range. When the temperature is too high or too low, then you can expect the plant to start experiencing some problems.

It is also worth noting that the temperature mentioned above is good when the cannabis plant is in the vegetative stage. When it starts to flower, then the best operating temperature is 65 to 80 degree F. Keeping the surrounding temperature within the right range should make you end up with a good yield also.

  1. Proper Air Circulation

Air circulation is something that you also have to provide for your cannabis plants. Making sure that the plants have plenty of fresh air, it results in having plants that grow faster. The air circulation is also good when it comes to preventing problems such as molds and fungus infection.

The idea is that you get to keep the plants having a nice gentle breeze moving over and under the plants most of the time. Having a small oscillating fan is a great way to do it. You should be able to have some good air circulation with such a method.

Still, as part of making sure there is proper ventilation, there is the need to have proper exhaust systems. This is where the heat in the room is taken away to the outside. Sometimes the grow light emits heat when they are on for extended periods. With proper ventilation, you should have a great growing environment for your cannabis plants.

  1. Reflection

Yes, this is still an important part of getting your cannabis plants growing better. This is done by reflecting the light from the grow lights towards your plants. Instead of the walls absorbing the extra light, you get to direct it towards the plants. This is achieved by using a reflective material to bounce the light towards the plants.

As a result, you should be able to squeeze out a bit of more yields from the same grow light. You will not even have to change anything else in the growing environment.

  1. Humidity

Humidity is just as important as any other factor on this list. For humidity, unless you are in an area with very high or low humidity, you will not always have major problems with your cannabis plants. You definitely have to make sure that the humidity for optimal growth is achieved in some cases. This is because it varies with the various stages of the cannabis plant. Find out here all you need to know about Vapor Distalation for CBD extraction.

From the list above, you should now have an idea of what you are supposed to do when it comes to creating the right environment. It might not be the perfect one, but it should be enough to help you achieve some good yields each time.

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