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The different marijuana strains will have varied types of smell. Some might be strong, while others will be mild. It is common that you might be in the area and suddenly you smell marijuana. This is especially when someone smokes it in public.

It this guide we are looking at marijuana, yet to be harvested. You might be having a nice plantation, but the odor is too strong. With the right method, you can be in a position to contain the marijuana odor. Let us get to see some of the methods you should be using.

Odor neutralizers

The first way of dealing marijuana odor is through the use of odor neutralizers. It is common to find them in many grow rooms as a way of covering up the marijuana odors. The odor neutralizers are often potent and will often affect the bud’s taste. As a result, you are always advised not to use them while the plant is flowering.

The use of odor neutralizers helps to keep the marijuana smell from also spreading outside. The smell of marijuana can be irritating to some people and attract attention at the same time.

You can get them as wall plug-ins and sprays so that they can be dispensed easily. Depending on the product you get, sometimes they are able to mask the smell for a long time to come. Take the time to compare the different options before picking one. Remember to stop using such products when the plant starts to flower.

Air purifiers

The air purifiers are also another good option to use. With air purifiers, you will end up having a fresh and clean air for breathing. The best part about air purifiers is that they are always easy to find. Once the air purifier has been installed in the grow room, you can expect it to deliver on some good performance. It is more reason to get for yourself right now.

It is worth noting that the air purifiers might not eliminate all the marijuana odor in the grow room. It just removes enough odor to make the room comfortable to work in. In some cases, they might not be the most effective way as some marijuana strains have a very potent smell.

It will be better to compare a couple of air purifiers just to make sure you have the best to handle your needs. Most manufacturers will indicate the capability of the air purifier so that you can use it knowing that it will work great.

It will be great if you stick with air purifiers in the case of dealing with less potent marijuana.

Carbon filters

Carbon filters are seen as the best option when it comes to dealing with marijuana odor. In some cases, you will find them being referred to as carbon scrubbers. They are highly effective, especially when dealing with the strong odors from different marijuana strains. The carbon filters do a good job of literally scrubbing odor from the air and then keeping the air clean.

The best part about using these carbon filters is that they make sure no marijuana smell gets out of the room. As a result, your neighbors will not be complaining of the marijuana smell at any time. If you are worry that the smell could  effect you pets or if is CBD safe for pets, it is, there will be no farm for your little ones.  This way, you can now be able to keep the affair of growing marijuana privately.

As part of setting up the carbon filters, you need to use a tubular air extractor. This will help in making sure that the air is properly filtered to eliminate the marijuana smell. You might also want to get carbon filters from top brands. It is a sure way that you will end up with some good performance on overall.

Do not use Ozone Generators

Still on the topic of dealing with marijuana smell, it is possible to get that in some scenarios, the use of Ozone generators is recommended. Well, we are against it.

There are some people who will argue that the ozone generators will eliminate smell and even freshen up the air in the area. As much as that is the case, these generators are still bad for the atmosphere. They are even illegal in some states. As a result, this is not something we would recommend for someone to use.

You still have the option of using carbon filters which are quite effective and will deliver on some good performance generally.

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