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There are several varieties of cannabis that make growing indoors successful. But which ones are the best? There are so many variables to consider when it comes to growing weed, and so many skills to learn. To get the best yields, one must first become familiar with the watering, light, nutrients, environment, and all other important aspects of growing cannabis to achieve good results. But to put the odds in your favour, here are the five of the best strains for getting started at growing weed indoors:

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1. Gorilla Glue Auto

Winner of several awards in North America, this spectacular strain reaches harvest in an impressively quick time of 9 weeks after germination.

It is classed as a super producer resin plant, which means it produces compact buds loaded with resin. You will be surprised at how green your fingers will turn!

Gorilla Glue’s aroma is citric but with earthy undertones, a combination of flavour and a powerful high that will leave you couch-locked and beautifully relaxed.

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2. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a famous strain from South Africa and is a landrace strain. It is ideal for cannabis growers who have a small cultivation surface, but nevertheless want a plentiful, rapid harvest of the highest quality.

Durban Poison’s high is intense, but not devastating, and lets you get through your chores without a hitch. On the other hand, the consumption of Durban Poison is very stimulating and provides delightful bursts of energy and often inspires new creative moments. This is an ideal option for artists and designers, but also just for chilling with friends or alone in front of a good movie.

Durban Poison is easy to grow and isn’t particularly fussy; it will be satisfied with a standard supply of nutrients. Water regularly, but in small quantities. When grown indoors, use large containers of at least 15 to 20 litres to allow it to express its full potential.

3. Girl Scout Cookies autoflower

GSC autoflower has a beautiful aroma of Kush with notes of damp earth and lime zest mixed with the scent of freshly baked cake.

With a THC level of 20%, GSC auto provides a powerful feeling of euphoria followed by a sensation of incredible physical and mental relaxation leaving in the mouth an incomparable taste of Cookies.

GSC auto is an easy-to-grow cannabis strain that will enchant both experienced cannabis growers and beginners who can’t wait to take their first steps in cannabis cultivation. Its cultivation is much simpler than that of the feminized version. Thanks to her Ruderalis genetics, she possesses impressive strength which allows her to survive in hostile climates and the enormous advantage of developing with great speed. However, its rapid growth does not detract from its quality, and a superb harvest awaits the grower who chooses it.

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4. Big Bud

Big Bud will not find any competition from a yield point of view, it has been selected and re-crossed for this sole purpose. It was developed in the United States and arrived in Holland around the 1980s like many original Dutch strains that are mothers of most of the varieties around today. Nixon’s campaign against drugs allowed for one of the most significant genetic shufflings between the best strains on either side of the Atlantic, forcing many of them to flee during this time. Big Bud is the result of this fascinating story.

Big Bud has a fruity taste blend of aromas somewhat reminiscent of mango and lemon all this on a slightly acrid and overpowering base on the palate mitigated by peppery, earthy flavours. Its effects are quite unifying since a psycho high hits from the first notes and are relayed by a rather heavy stone which will make you feel good where you are. If you overdo it, don’t be surprised if you skip two or three things to do during the day.

In our indoor gardens, Big Bud will thrive and will give impressive yields reasonably quickly, you can set records in SOG or SCROG. SOG one bud with this strain is just industrial!

5. OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the most sought-after strains in California and, therefore, worldwide, was named “Best Strain Ever” by The High Times. She is the result of a cross between two famous strains: the exotic Lemon Thai and the fabulous Chemdawg. The result is a weed with a complex flavour that is citrus combined with diesel and barbecue ash. It is intensely potent thanks to its THC content of almost 25%.

OG Kush is one of the easiest strains of weed to grow and even better it matures into a compact, bushy plant in a short time. It is so bushy and branched that it needs to be pruned for it to reach its optimum yield. OG Kush is also suitable to use as a mother plant from which you can take clones.

OG Kush delivers an incredibly strong buzz, with 24% THC content and hardly any CBD. Her high is as will knock you out, and the cerebral high is super euphoric.

OG Kush is a strong, hardy and easy-to-grow cannabis strain. Its bushy structure makes it an excellent choice for indoor growing, given the space available. The SOG method is recommended in this case. Outdoors, OG Kush thrives in a Mediterranean-type climate where it will quickly develop to a height of 3m and a yield of 1100g / plant. OG Kush is also prized for its short flowering cycle, which doesn’t exceed 55 days.

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