Any Marijuana plant will give you the best results when you give and feed it with all the nutrients that it requires and by ensuring that the nutrients and fertilizers are applied accordingly. Plants that are not well-taken care off will obviously offer poor results and less or no yield at all. Therefore the use of Nutrients should be a key priority to any serious growers out there looking to keep up a healthy plant and to reap big from it during the harvest period.

The TechnoFlora Nutrient is all your plant requires to supply you with essential results. The nutrient is the best nutrient solution for your plant. The TechnoFlora make sure your plant to grow by generously nurturing vegetation and unique floral development. The Nutrient has lines that serve different purposes in the plant growth process. BC GROW, BC BLOOM, and BC BOOST are among the famously known Nutrient line of the TechnoFlola.They are designed professionally with high levels of concentrated fertilizing agents. Different from brands that contain micronutrients at a single section of the formula, BC GROW and BLOOM consist of complete combinations of micronutrients that are supported by the iron and calcium within the BC BOOST.

The Hydroponic Nutrients brings about well-balanced nutrients form through assurance of unique growth and improved measure of harvest. There are fewer changes in PH with the use of the nutrient and there is no need for frequent adjustments. The level of salt concentration is greatly reduced, and this causes a relief to growers by reducing flushing and cleaning time and the cost.

For best outcomes, the TechnoFlora Nutrients must be applied well in each stage of development. We are going to look at the main stages of the recipe and highlight what measures should be taken by the marijuana growers.


The feeding schedule for TechnoFloral is very easy to understand even for the beginners. At the cutting stage, the medium should be pre-soaked with the soil or any other available growth media by use of Thrive Alive B-1 solution.
Strong root development is always important and should be established at the transplanting stage. To achieve this, you should make sure to spray the foliage once by using Thrive Alive B-1 solution.
Once the cutting has made the root system, vegetation growth will be ready to start taking place on a 17 hour light cycle. The vegetative enhancing formula is used every week until the plant reaches the desired height of growth. The reproductive growth of the Marijuana plant should be triggered on a 13 hour light cycle from 17 hours of vegetation. You should change your reservoir growth once per week and, use the flowering agent every week for the entire flowering period or reproductive span of your Marijuana plant.

In the last seven days of flowering use the feeding program so that stability and potency of the flavor are enhanced.

During the last four weeks before harvesting is done, the plant should be flushed by using adjusted PH water.