The growth of Marijuana may not meet the best results without the use of Nutrients such as Super Natural that consists of high-quality minerals and salts. The PH orient Nutrient helps to safeguard the PH of your water reservoir.

Super Natural Nutrients is powdered with two sides which represent usage for soil and water. The Nutrient is also famous for its high dissolving characteristics in warm water.

Super Natural Nutrient like other Nutrients used in Marijuana growth has a wide range of Supplements and Additives, which have been developed for specific and different purposes which generally are aimed at, achieving the best quality and measure of the Marijuana growth. Water regulation to avoid withering of the plant and distribution of nutrients concentration in a proper ratio is some of the very important roles that Super Natural Nutrients additives and supplements do.

The supplements are applied at specific stages between seedling and harvesting just to make sure that each growing phase of the plant guarantees desirable future development and finally the best yields that will offer Marijuana users with the best consumption experience during smoking, using marijuana vaporizer or eating.

We are going to look into the supplements and additives and to help you understand their importance and roles in the growth. Growers all over the world especially beginners may not know how to increase their yields with nutrients and how to feed the plant all round with proper measure of Nutrients and water. The focus is also for the users to understand where and how the quality of Marijuana they enjoy comes about.



Budblaster; this nutrient line is an organic stimulant with a variety of elements, high-end level of potassium and phosphorus. In growing Marijuana, this Budblaster is used from the time before flowering takes place to the ripening stage.

The super boost supplement is used throughout the Marijuana plant growth; it catalyzes growth and has a well-designed PH to regulate the water PH on its own. Where there is a high accumulation of salt or another foreign element in the plant system, Super Leach will be used to clear and Flush. Super Leach has been cleverly made to make sure Nutrient is been supplied sufficiently, this helps to keep the system running efficiently as required.

Quality Cure brings out the best measure and quality of the Marijuana plant so that users can get the best results during usage. Marijuana usage either for medical purposes, vaporization or smoking is mostly based on demand for quality. Quality Cure is added just before harvesting takes place. Too much watering of the Marijuana plant can easily cause the death of the plant in the long run before the plant is completely destroyed, Quality Cure is used to changing the process of transpiration, by doing this, and Quality Cure additive will decrease any excess water on the buds. The Ultimate Thrive also is another additive that helps to increase the plant growth rate and further increases yields. Rock wool sock is also another additive in the Super Natural Nutrient line is well made to allow equal distribution of water in the plant growing system.