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Mainly due to the health benefits of CBD, lots of people are now seeking reliable ways through which they can buy CBD oils and other CBD products like tinctures, lotions, capsules, liquids, gummy bears among others. As numerous studies and researches continue to link CBD as powerful in healing or at least providing relief to diverse health challenges such as inflammation, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke, chronic pain, and lupus among a long list of others, demand for CBD continues to soar.

Based on popular demand, many sites have sprung up where people can easily go to and buy CBD products. Ways to find weed in dc are quite easy too.

A survey that was organized by CreakyJoints, an arm of the Global Living Foundation has revealed that over half of the arthritis patients that participated in the survey had used medical marijuana as well as other CBD products, alongside the medications that were prescribed for them.

Fortunately, all these health benefits linked to CBD and its increased legalization in recent times have combined in helping to remove the stigma hitherto associated with it. Nevertheless, it is important to note that while it is true that CBD belongs to the same family with marijuana, both are not the same. Particularly, while marijuana contains THC; which is psychotropic i.e. having a “high” effect, CBD, on the other hand, does not contain such.

Smoke Weed or CBD Oil

Weed Makes You Thinner

The assertion that weed makes people thinner may be mired in controversy, as claims and counterclaims appear to support or invalidate it. Weed smokers even contribute to the confusion because while some of them could swear that it makes them consume less food which ultimately leads to weight loss, others narrate the opposite—that it boosts their appetite.

However, the school of thought that supports the claim that weed makes people thinner seems to have more credibility.

Be that as it may, a study conducted in 2011 revealed that obesity was more rampant among people who did not take marijuana and less in those who took it at least thrice weekly. Similarly, another independent study that examined the relationship between obesity and cannabis observed similar results. Recently too, another source that analyzed the link between cannabis and BMI i.e. body mass index indicated that cannabis consumers had considerably less obesity and BMI rates even when they had increased calorie consumption.

Marijuana Can Improve Lung Function

Against generally held impression, research has shown that consumption of marijuana, albeit in moderation does not have any adverse effect on lung function.

According to a report that was published by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2012, individuals who smoke marijuana moderately, like one joint per day over seven years, did not experience any adverse effect.

Furthermore, there is an indication that smoking it in moderation could enhance lung function since the process of inhaling supports the lungs as well as chest.

Marijuana Helps to Boost Creativity

Helps to Boost Creativity

This might appear a little weird; however, marijuana can give a fillip to your creativity. Studies that were conducted as far back as 1970 observed that people who regularly use marijuana reported having increased creative thoughts. Likewise, some recent studies equally show that about 50% of cannabis consumers believe it does enhance their creativity.

Helps to Fight Chronic Pain

Not long ago, a team of Canadian researchers discovered that just three puffs of marijuana per day help individuals suffering from chronic nerve pain as a result of surgery or injury to overcome such pain and equally enjoy better sleep.

According to Mark Ware, who works at McGill University in Montreal, as an assistant professor of anesthesia and family medicine, up to 15% of individuals experiencing chronic pain make use of cannabis as a pain-relieving strategy.

Reverse the Carcinogenic Effects of Tobacco

The truth is that cigarette smoking, regardless of whether it is excessively or sparingly, can lead to dire health consequences, specifically, it can cause up 14 different kinds of cancer.  However, once you quit the dangerous habit of smoking; good nutrition and regular exercise can help. Most importantly, medical cannabis has proven to be effective in reducing tumor, destroying cancer cells, as well as controlling their spread.

Be High and Enjoy Your Quarantine

As COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire in many places across the world and humanity is forced to be in quarantine, we can’t roll ourselves into a ball and sulk it up in a corner of our room, rather, we can make the most of our stay indoors by lifting our spirits with some cannabis.

For God’s sake, it is not yet apocalypse and you can enjoy the health benefits of CBD by visiting dc weed and indulging yourself.

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