Apex Kush Marijuana Seeds

Three areas of Florida where apex Kush was named includes; Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa back in the 1990s. There was a need to toughen and add more vigor to the Apex. The reason why it was so necessary to strengthen her is the quite temperamental feeling that came with her feeding. To achieve the desired quality, crossing with the same sturdy pure Kush and Uzbekistan Hash plant genes was done.

The crossing results was a plant that is solid in form. The breeding occurred at high altitude up in the Colorado Mountains, and so it is good for growers who stay in such altitude. When smoked, the Apex Kush burns with a fresh lemony and pine scent, which makes Triangle Kush so Tasty.

Apex Kush is a lover’s taste sensation, due to its enhanced chocolate hash taste.

Delicious – Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminized Seeds

Breed cross between Neville Haze Auto and Il Diavolo Auto creates a Critical genetic Neville Haze Auto, which is delicious and an auto-flowering Strain. World of seeds gave the Neville Haze Auto as a donation and it tags well with Il Diavolo.The combination maintains distinctive haze flavor and highness while reducing the flowering period to 50 days.

The genetic form of the Critical Neville Haze Auto is 90% of Sativa, and this shows through the long branches, thin leaves, and beautiful flowers. The plant can stretch a bit during growth but, this should not cause any concern to indoor growers since they can always control the height of growth.

At about 3weeks, Critical Neville Haze Auto will begin flowering, whether there is sufficient light or not. Harvesting usually takes place in seven weeks from the time of flowering.

Neville Haze Auto has buds that are big and a lot, with several resins production. The metallic tang taste is always fresh and clean. This strain is a better option for those fans who are fed up with months of waiting for Haze to finish. The hit from auto is usually uplifting with amazing euphoric effect.

Atomic Bomb

Bomb seeds have used cannabis consisting of high genetic attributes and crossed them with some of their own. They have carefully selected original clone from the famous Chem Dawg and with a clear sample of OG Kush feminized seeds. This Feminized seed comes from Emerald Triangle. Furthermore, they have put in some of their own Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for purposes of increasing yield and vigor.

High potent and increased deliciousness is the results of this atomic Marijuana. High strength and complexity of aroma also emanate from the Atomic. As a user, you can also expect to get bittersweet lemony fuel tones that are amazingly undercut by hints of berry. The most incredible aspect of this atomic bomb is the all-round and well-balanced hit. The result from the hit is an amazing roller coaster feeling, that will begin with a jolt of rush causing your heart to race and most likely make you want to eat as much food as you can take.

Berry Bomb Auto

Berry Bomb is possibly one of the fruitiest hybrids compared to  Tetrahydrocannabinol Bomb.The seeds Bomb company facilitated the crossing of Blue berry with their Bomb strain, resulting in a tasty strain. Berry Bomb has a high growth rate that does not exceed 70 days from seed. An ideal version for a screen of green version is the Auto Bomb since it keeps large internodal distances and fat sing Kola structure.

The maximization of yields is as a result of high growth rate of the unique Bomb-y.In maximum conditions, you can expect to take in up to 300g/m2. The great looking heritage cause Berry Bomb Auto to turn blue and purple, hence making it a perfect choice for pure aesthetics. The Berry Bombs production of Tetrahydrocannabinol usually begins at the end two weeks of flowering. The famous sweet taste and aroma are always present.

Big Bomb

Big Bomb along with the Tetrahydrocannabinol are among the company’s largest yielding strains. To achieve higher levels of   Tetrahydrocannabinol, Big Bud mother and Bomb 1 are mixed. This mixture delivers a very high volume of buds that are hard. Growing the plant outdoors can produce an excess of 1.5kg.

Big Bomb has a high growth rate. The smoke from Big Bomb has a famously long lasting, classic and skunky flavored smell. The weed is fairly potent and will make your day a bang. It is possible you will feel perfectly functional, but you should avoid operating heavy machinery.

Cheese Bomb

Dutchmen of Bomb Seeds have also developed another Strain known as the Cheese Bomb. To come up with this, they have brought together their Bomb genetics and Original Cheese Strain. This crossing has resulted in yield and heightened the level of potency.

It is important to be cautious with your Bomb set up because of the extreme smelly cheese trait. If grown indoors the cheese bombs maintain compactness. It is possible that a little training will make the yield flourish. Cheese Bomb always gives a hit that is so deep. With such a hit you should indeed expect your mind to race the plains of unknown. You will possibly have your body locked down to the point of asking yourself about life’s real questions.

Cherry Bomb Auto

Cherry Bomb Auto strain has a full blown Cherry flavor. To make the Cherry Auto Bomb, the Company has crossed original Cherry Bomb with a hand-picked Siberian ruderalis. Even after the crossing process, the most desirable characteristics of the mother plant remains.

It is not difficult to grow Cherry Bomb. It is usually ready in 71-75 days from the time of seed. When it comes to height, Cherry Bomb Auto reaches between 50-80 centimeters. However, its small size should not deceive you as there is more to this plant than, what meets the eyes. The yields get credits from the dense bud structure and heritage of Cherry Bomb. If you are an indoor grower, 350-450g/m2 should be your expectation. Outdoor growers will get even higher produce given sufficient light. The months of May and October is when harvest takes place.

Provided the best conditions, buds will develop a blue/Purple hue, even as the buds become coated with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Aroma and Flavor are among the characteristics that remain present.

Cluster Bomb

Another strain in the Bomb Galley is the Cluster Bomb, which is a cross of Bomb 1 with a Cinderella 99 and an original Skunk #1. The structure of Cluster Bomb is a typical indicia that is dense sturdy and short.

Cluster Bombs plants are known to be ideal for Screen of Green setups and several tops that bring about multiplied yields. Very patient and extremely experienced growers will get exceeding 20 ounces per meter square. Cluster Bombs produces a rich skunky aroma when smoked, which is followed by hints of berries.

Critical Jack

Another namesake to the pope of dope, Critical Jack offers a bit more mellow of a buzz and some eyes to the sky uplifting feelings.  This is a great strain to keep handy in your grow for the ease of use, ease of growth and frankly, it’s versatility compared to Jack’s other children.

This is an autoflowering strain, so best to keep your hands off and watch from slightly afar.  Too much attention being paid will result in diminishing returns and less than picture perfect product on the flowering.  Keep the food and light right, don’t try to bend or knot your nodes, keep on truckin and watch her grow before your very eyes.  Its light hungry, so keep it pretty and illuminated while keeping your own distance.  Your cycle isn’t going to be super long, expect about 8-9 weeks before your harvest then account for your clipping and curing.

Your nose and tongue will both dance with the citrusy notes inherent with the Herer family, but this one packs a bit more of a spicy punch and lingers on the pallet for a moment before flitting off into the ether.   That lemon nose and punch keeps this flavorful without turning into a taste that you can’t quite put your finger on.

The effects of this product will not incapacitate you or put you into the couch cushions, but this is no lightweight.  The mental rush will provide stimulus and over consumption might lead to anxiety if you aren’t careful.  The pluses are numerous however, with a healthy appetite enhancing effect and effects to keep your mood elevated.  It’s not a permagrin, but it will clear the rain clouds from your blue skies.  Not saying there are potent physical effects, but this is mainly a mental player.  Enjoy and let your mind explore!

Freedom Baby/Harlequin Jo

This lady is a nurse at heart with a slightly naughty edge.  Don’t get involved with her expecting whirling dervish evenings with sky high euphorics or aura like body buzzes.  She comes with a thermometer and stethoscope and hoping to heal.

This is a non-femmed seed, so you’ll be picking some boys out of here, but that’s by no means an accident.  This line of genetics is directly engineered to help integrate CBD heavy genetics to the modern marketplace.  While originally seen as something that diluted or watered down the high, CBD is now the belle of the ball.  It bring some of the most highly regarded medicinal benefits of the plant and often acts as a legitimate gateway into more mind heavy THC products.  Feel free to take Freedom Baby as it is, a solid balanced strain, or mix it up with your favorite standards for new flavors and medicinal combos.  Mixed with your favorite indica and find a healing bed to recoup on or mix with your nearest sativa and the output will get you back on your feet, into physical therapy.

This is an experimental strain, with genetics that are still solidifying.  This can be good and bad depending on what you’re looking for.  The ratio of CBD to THC might not be as stable as one would wish, however the surprises that can be found by popping a pack are infinite.  New terpene combos, different pallets and colors could await you and your patients.

Being a medicinal strain, you won’t find hugh sherberty citrus tones or ever anything resembling a strawnanna, but you will find good earthy notes which impart the apothecary-like traits of Freedom Baby.  To get really deep into it, you can find almost burnt fruit notes, sun roasted husk, or farm grassy smells.

Greenhouse – NL5 Haze Mist Feminized Seeds

A genius combination of three great strains in a Netherlands Greenhouse seeds formed NL5 Haze Mist. The three combined Strains are Northern Lights #5, Kali Mist, and a Haze strain. Green house added the Kali mist to an already existing NL5 X Haze which grows like any other typical Sativa.

The plant develops strongly with branches that are rangy and with long extended internodes. Most indoor growers tend to train the plant. Sun Screen of Green system operates well and make use of the profuse-lateral branching and is of high yield.

Sunlight environment is a requirement in the event of out growing. Out growers will harvest more as compared to indoor growers. Harvest usually takes place around October.

As far as flowering is concerned, NL5 Haze Mist takes around 80 days. During the first week of flowering, the plant can stretch a bit, hence the need to flip her early especially under circumstances of limited space. The buds tend to grow in a foxtail like structure towards maturity. This weed gives one of the best elegant feelings with a happy and warm effect on the head.

The weed has less physical effect when taken. It is also important to note the medicinal properties associated with it.

Jorge’s Diamonds #1

A perfect example of Amsterdam passion, this fruity beast with cast a shadow with the comically tall bud towers, glassy fan leaves, and pungent, loud dankness.  It screams from the substrate, thrusting nearly phallic like colas into the air, trichomes leaving hazy golden aura around camouflage green core.

Potency, potency, and even more potency is crammed into your buds.  Imagine high THC testing, super high terp levels to keep that smell so loud for so long, dense nuggets that will almost make it look Too perfect.  You’ll have to keep a picture of the kids as they grow into full fledged plants for people to believe that it can come from anything less than Amsterdam’s own celebrity growers.  Make your friends jealous, then make them incredibly happy.

She can be pretty thirsty and will take whatever food and light you can give her.  High ceilings will keep you from having to bend her over and tying down, but might still be needed to keep it from hanging over.  It won’t be the tallest plant ever, but it does get up there.

Don’t think you can break this one either.  It’s a beginner breed and even if you don’t hit all the tough to reach spots, you’ll still find it worth your time and greenroom space.  If you don’t like it too much, somebody will and it certainly won’t spend much time in the jar.  This is another one that can provide for good extracts as well.  Squish some of that fresh goo out of the nugs, let it air out for a moment to settle and dab it fresh.  The pungent punch will completely knock you back and those strong fruity notes will get the salivary glands working like they need every bit of that indica to keep up.

Original Flo

Here we go!  You want to find your plant in the center fold of the magazines, this is the one to grow.  It’s got all the colors found in the average college dorm tapestry, bluish-redish purples dance along amber hairs and almost neon green backdrops.  This is a plant that thrusts itself from the jar and into your heady bubbler.  You will make friends and impress your enemies with this output, and frankly, there are less impressive plants which are much more difficult to grow.

Generally a set it and forget it strain, it’ll need some extra space if you really want to get those engorged buds hanging out from the stalk.  Don’t go overboard with nutrients as this plant isn’t going to overpower you with huge nose and mouth notes.  Expect slightly fruity leaning towards berry and a deeper resin finish, but there no huge garlic or diesel veins to hide some of the extras in your grow.  Keep this simple and let it speak for itself; your patients will thank you.

The resulting effects from partaking will elevate and motivate, stimulate and invigorate.  You will not hesitate and certainly won’t sit around and ruminate.  This product makes hands pick up paint brushes and cast forth the sky or grab your kicks and walk around the block.  The invigorating notes can shake of light depressive bouts and break you out of writer’s block in one or two bong rips.  Tread lightly, lest you start talking fast and losing your train of thought.  This might be better paired with tea than coffee, if you are reading between the lines.  It keeps itself motivated as well, making sure to linger, and making a home in your dome.

Sir Jack

Sir Jack take some of the work out of this usually testy strain.  By autoflowering, you don’t have to relax your green thumb, but you don’t have to pay quite so much attention as normal.   Overthink this or over work your plants and you’ll not reap the rewards of your efforts.  Keep it simple, let the genetics do their job and you just need to keep her happy and moderately fed.  There’s no scientific evidence, but this strain reacts well to music it seems.   You’ll find plenty of internodal spacing to give plenty of access for light and aeration of the buds naturally, so keep the training wheels off.

This plant is a party favorite, as well, producing big, sticky nugs with lemon zest notes.  It can almost be cloying in the level of strength it possesses.  Weight loss is not a problem thanks to these physical representations of such superior genetics.  One would be foolish to give up much space to other strains if you’re looking to satisfy either the brain or the pallette

The options to produce live resin from this strain are also quite varied.  WIth such a big nug, that produces such good resin and trichomes, with such strong terps, you can squish, blast and freeze this to your desired output with little room for failure (getting it grown might not be the easiest, but worth the effort!).  If you do press from live or cured, don’t apply too much heat and make sure to monitor the humidity to keep your product matching the taste.  If you blast, be ready to run a decent purge to get the fumes out.

This strain is hugely popular thanks to the namesake and by the nature of being such a well rounded hybrid, with loud laughing and a kind body buzz.  It will come up and bite the newbie, and remove the “clothing” from your nearest “emperor”.  Perhaps don’t sample this for the first time before going to do something mission critical, start this off with a nice movie and some lunch.