The stability of the roots of Marijuana plant is very important; roots need water and air to breathe just like another part of the plant. The entire Marijuana plant will not thrive if the roots are not well taken care of. The roots also play a big role in the feeding of the plant with water and nutrients that are required to facilitate production of buds and flowers by the Marijuana plant. Excess salts or nutrient accumulation that will not increase production is released to the soil by through the roots; this basically shows how roots should always be cared for from, seedling to the harvest period.


When we talk of root organic nutrients, the focus is on the living components that give nutrients to the plants. For example, living organism in the soil that burrows in the soil form a rich source of nutrients.


Organic nutrients in the soil can be made available for the roots to absorb by adding organic ingredients into the soil. Most types of compost are usually put in the soil to facilitate the proliferation of living microorganism which is a rich source of nutrients required by the roots and the general. If you are looking to make your soil nutritious for the roots, you can also add earthworms into the soil or fish emulsion into the soil.

Instead of using your homemade compost, you can decide to buy roots organic nutrients catalysts, such as Roots Organics Uprising Bloom Dry Nutrient (3-6-4) which provides your plant with a prolific flowering and budding. Some of the ingredients of this catalyst include; Fish Bone Meal, Oyster Shell Flour, and Kelp Meal. The manufacturer of root organics provides sufficient guidelines on how to apply it in the soil, so there is no need to worry about the amount that is good for your soil.

Super Nitro Bat Guano 15.5-1-1, is also another source of root organic nutrients with a high level of nitrogen, excess nitrogen may not be good for your plant but, the good thing is that this product also comes with caution and instructions to prevent you from harming your Marijuana plant.

Elemental root organics product provides your plant with essential nutrients such as calcium and magnesium which is important for plant health. Supplementing the Marijuana plant with both calcium and magnesium is one of the things Marijuana growers do, to increase quality and achieve high yields from the Marijuana plant.

Roots Organics Nitro Bat Guano 9 – 3 – 1 is also another source of Nitrogen Phosphorus and calcium; it has been carefully designed to provide quick results. Using Nitro Bat Guano will enable the plant to grow rapidly, the product is also purely natural, elements used to make it are harvested from natural sources, and therefore, you will not experience any additive problem from toxic chemicals. Use of organic nutrient supplements is famous in the growth of Marijuana because, the most quality weed with the best recreation or medical effect is achieved from an organic growing process that provides the plant roots with pure natural based nutrients.