Marijuana is grown in Rockwool just as it would be in the soil; the main difference is the addition of fertilizer as Rockwool has no nutrients. The PH of Rockwool is usually 7.0, that is too high to germinate marijuana seeds, It is lowered by putting the Rockwool in water a day. Most growers prefer Rockwool to the soil as transplanting does not cause harm the roots. At the same time it under the right controlled conditions it increases the production of Marijuana.

Rockwool is manufactured by having the raw materials of basalt rock go through processes such; as melting in a furnace that is 1600 degrees Celsius and adding Organic fiber to the Lava by use of centrifugal force, the result is something like a woolen mattress. After being compressed to varying degrees, the wool is ready for its agricultural use.

Using Rockwool has many advantages especially towards the growing of marijuana. One of the widely known reasons is, it does not need so much time and effort to set up and use. The rock can also be used for small-scale farming and large scale too. Clients should, for instance, beware of the different brands in the market. Let’s take Grotop Rockwool that has three types of brands in its list: Grotop Master, Grotop master dry and Grotop expert. Grotop master dry has a dry root zone while Grotop expert maintains fast root growth and development. Grotop expert would be an ideal choice for marijuana growers as it would help the fast growth of the entire plant.

The procedures of growing marijuana on Rockwool are not as difficult to follow as some people may think. A few tips provided can guide you.

On the first week upon planting the seeds, the PH level is maintained and not exceeding watering that is conducted twice, for one minute each.

Irrigation increases in the second and the third week of flowering to three times a day. Over the fourth week towards the five, the watering increases to four times a day.

At the 7th week, the conditions of plants will determine whether the PH should be increased to 6.0 to 6.3 or the EC from 1.4 to 1.6, 1.7.

The 9th week is the last week and, the rate of watering is increased to 2 minutes, the PH to 6.2 and, the EC levels reduced. Most Growers use the last week to use flush to clean the roots off any metabolism and help in giving the plants a better aroma and flavor in the product.


If planned, well maintained and taken care of from the beginning of the harvesting period, Marijuana growing would be very successful. First, the grower begins by arranging the Rockwool whether in cubes or slabs to prevent nutrients from flowing out of the holes cut in the slabs plastic holders, or unwanted moisture sipping in. Secondly, Rockwool is settled by making sure it’s well saturated. The grower should not forget its drainage. Lastly, irrigation programs set up and, the result will be a bountiful harvest.