Light is what Marijuana requires to make energy and power the growth of your buds. Indoor Marijuana growing lights are effective only when they are able to produce sufficient light required by your plant. The light should travel a short distance to reach your Marijuana plant but, if it travels a longer distance there will be more loss of light on the way.


It is vital for any indoor Marijuana grower to increase the rate of light required for the plant to thrive. If your indoor growing light gets brighter, your plants will get an abundant light that is necessary for healthy growth. You can use enough and brighter light to grow your Marijuana without having to increase the amount of electricity used which, can also be very costly. If you install a proper installation of light reflectors on the wall close to your Marijuana plants it will help with bouncing back the light at your Marijuana plants and, therefore making sure that all the lights are absorbed. The reflection that is done well can give your Marijuana plant up to 40% of more light that could have gone to waste. Reflective light helps your plant to get used to more light and prevents other parts of the plant from staying under the shadow. The reason the light from the sun travels a long distance but outdoor plant still gets enough of it is because the sun a lot of light and very little is lost along the way.

Reflectors Reflective Sheeting

Consider the following in your reflective growing room

  • Avoid creases or wrinkles on your reflective materials by ensuring that they are flat.
  • The walls should always be flat with a few corners or turns
  • The curves on your wall should be smooth
  • Your reflective materials should not be dirty and discolored.
  • Different reflectors have different efficiency and it is very important to find the best reflector that falls within your budget. Some of the options available on reflectors are;


Grow tent walls

Growing tents are among the best options when it comes to Marijuana growing. Getting a grow tent will provide you with the best lighting for your plants. The good thing about grow tent is that they are easy to clean; they are light proof and resistant to light. Unlike plastics, grow tents don’t smell and they also have built-in cooling options.


Flat white latex paint

If you are not in a position to invest in a grow tent, flat white latex paint will be your best option. It is less expensive, effective and it does not make any air pockets or hot spots behind the reflective material.


Aluminum foil

This will provide you with more than 50% of light reflectivity. Aluminum foil is shiny and this makes it a good option to reflect light back to your Marijuana plant. The dark side of the Aluminum foil normally reflects light much better than shiny side. Aluminum reflective wall is very easy to make but, even a small crease can cause a reduction in the amount of light reflected.