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With the advent of cannabis and its unfortunate legalization in all States in the United States, many products are being produced that is infused with cannabis which are popularly known as edibles. Edibles can be food products either food or drinks which have tetrahydrocannabidiol THC component in it.

Cannabis can be known as a psychoactive drug which is gotten for the cannabis plant. This cannabis or better known as marijuana, when taken, gives one a high stoned feeling. It normally gives one a lift in attitude and comprehension. This means that it always contributes to the apprehension of most things by people. While some people say it gives them a better understanding of things, others say it makes them have the guts to do things that they normally would not do.

Edibles are cannabis produced products which are infused with high tetrahydrocannabidiol THC and it comes in different forms and shape, can be prepared in baked goods, gummies and chocolate.

Making the cannabis edibles can be both fascinating and intriguing but apart from making the edibles, you can actually use oil produced by cannabis to prepare some of your food. That still makes it a cannabis infused edible.

How to prepare edibles

Apart from making edibles, people now want something that tastes both good still be potent so they go for that particular product that gets them covered in that area. It is very necessary that you understand that cooking weed makes it more potent, long lasting and more legal experience.


The first step in preparing your edibles is to choose the amount of edibles you need. When you have that, then decarboxylate, this means that you have to bake the weed for 30 to 1 hour which will make the bud concentrate and have more potent THC in it. But this depends on the amount of weed you want to use.

Cannabis Butter

In preparing for a cannabis butter, you need to have an unsalted butter, a cup of water and a weed bud. Here, you put your weed and butter in a pan then put on a burner with a low heat with a little water so it does not burn, then simmer for like 4 hours. When it cools off, strain out the plant and throw away then refrigerate overnight so it cools off and hardens. This is because the THC is already inside the butter.

Separate the butter from the residual water and there, you have your cannabis butter.

Bake cookies with cannabis butter

Since your cannabis butter and oil is all ready, you can now prepare your edibles or cook with it.

Advantages of eating cannabis infused edibles

  • It is very important to learn how to make edibles as it does have a healthier alternative to smoking pot.
  • The THC edibles is more relaxing and lasts longer than smoked THC.
  • Cooking with cannabis butter gives you an avenue to make delicious food from baking pot cookies to brownies and also helps to deliver pain relief to patients.
  • Cooking cannabis edibles is legal as smoking marijuana is still illegal in the United States and other countries.
  • Edible cannabis lasts longer and takes effect slowly than smoked marijuana.

Adverse Effect of Eating Cannabis Edibles

Eating cannabis can be more dangerous than smoking cannabis. But it takes up 3 hours for food to digest and be absorbed in the system likewise edibles produced with cannabis as it mixes in the bloodstream and takes longer time to work. Here, the user may end up consuming more weeds than he can actually take when smoking.

So, the amount of THC in the system is always hard to measure as it is unknown in the food products consumed. More intake of THC can rise in the bloodstream of the person.

Disadvantages of Cannabis Edibles

  • Just like smoked cannabis, eating edibles infused with cannabis can have the following adverse effects on people
  • People can experience; psychotic episodes, In this, the person might experience delusions, hallucinations, agitation and anxiety.
  • Panic attack; Intense fear and discomfort might strike the person making the person sweat, have pounding heart like one who was involved in a race and also feel palpated.
  • Impaired motor ability; Here, the person can struck with illness like stroke, spinal cord injury and others.

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