pc weed grow boxMarijuana PC Grow Box

One of the stealth methods for growing weed indoors is to grow inside the shell of an old PC case, also known as PC weed grow box. Now there isn’t much room and you need to use CFL florescent lights or LED grow lights. The PC box also needs good ventilation and grow heights are restricted so make sure you pick a suitable short seed strain. More information on PC grow boxes.

Grow boxes are ideal when it comes to indoor growth of marijuana. PC grow box is a type of box that majors in stealth growing of your marijuana plants. Sometimes, we may lack a secret room or place to grow our herbs. Your herbs will grow without raising any suspicion in the PC grow box. We will look at the features and the benefits of this growth tool.

 PC Weed Grow Box Features

  • Quiet-When the fan of the box is running, no one will hear as it produces the normal hum of a PC tower. Therefore, it won’t raise any suspicion whatsoever.
  • Automation-The good thing about this box is that it is automatic. You will not have to open the box a lot of times as the system can run itself. This will further conceal your plants.
  • Odor and light Proof-Carbon and gel filters are normally fitted on the PC tower and thus no odor will escape the PC grow box. The box is also made in a way that ensures no light escapes. This makes your activities masked.

Benefits of a PC grow box

  • No assembly needed– With this kind of grow box, you will just need to put your plants and you are good to go. It ensures that less time is wasted as compared to when you would start by constructing a grow box.
  • Stealth Mode-It is the capital benefit of the PC grow box. It helps you grow your plants without anyone noticing. You could put the box in your living room and anyone will assume it is the ordinary PC tower.
  • Adequate room-The structure of this grow box is such that the lighting system is on top. Hence, there is enough room to grow up to 3 plants at the same time.
  • Cheap to run-This kind of grow box is cheap to run and maintain. For instance, the ventilation system is already in the box so no need to spend on extra items. The automation feature also makes work easier for the grower.


For small scale growers who want to conceal their plants, the PC grow box will come in handy. It suits your needs and makes sure that your plants grow up to fruition without anybody knowing.