Just like any other plant starved of important nutrients, Marijuana plant will not grow healthy. Plants with good nutrient feeding program provide the high quantity and quality yields.

Marijuana plant with a Nutrient deficiency will always show early signs, therefore warning the grower that something is not right. If you are a beginner or new to weed growing, follow the feeding schedule of Marijuana plant nutrients to prevent room for any deficiencies of key elements needed to facilitate the development of a healthy plant.



Lack of nitrogen causes a retarded growth of the crop, reddening of stems, and paleness of the plant and rapid yellowing of the leaf that grows up the plant. When you see these signs in your Marijuana plant, add organic fertilizer that has nitrogen.

When your plant shows the signs such as reddening of stems, slow growth and dark green color on the lower leaf, the problem could be lack of enough phosphorus. There may also be the leaf that turns yellow before dying. The remedy to these signs is an addition of organic fertilizer that, has phosphorus which will help to rectify the problem. Once you have applied the fertilizer, the damaged parts of the crop may not show improvement but the growth will continue to be normal.

Lack of potassium will cause almost similar effect as the ones caused by Nitrogen and Phosphorous deficiencies. The symptoms include; dying curled leaf ends and stretching of the plant. Fixing this problem will be done by using an organic fertilizer that consists of Potassium. The problem can also be cured through flushing of the plant with water and a balanced amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium.

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Marijuana plants without balanced Calcium can cause too much acidity in the soil. Calcium deficiency can be rectified through direct addition of liquid fertilizer to the plant leaves. The recommended dosage is one teaspoon of Dolomatic lime in each quart of water until the time the plant will improve.

When your new grown plant is yellowing, the problem could be lack of Sulphur, and this can be fixed by using a mixture of one tablespoon of Epsom salts in every water gallon.

When your Marijuana plant develops leaf that turns white, yellow and with veins that remain dark green, the possible problem could be Magnesium deficiency which can be fixed through spraying of the plant with Epsom salt solution.

When the leaves turn pale with dark green veins, this is an indication of lack of iron and can be corrected by foliar feeding of the plant with an organic fertilizer that consists of iron.

Other deficiencies include Boron deficiency which causes greying of shoots and can be cured by adding one teaspoon of Boric acid in a gallon of water. Molybdenum deficiency also causes yellowing of middle leaf and can be fixed by adding organic fertilizer that has Molybdenum.

Zinc deficiency is associated with the white formation at the tips of the leaf. The treatment for this includes the addition of organic fertilizer that has zinc. You can as well bury galvanized nails in the soil to correct the problem.