Nutrient Cycle Timing


Marijuana is a seasonal plant that develops; vegetation during summer, flowers during fall before dropping seeds and dying. Marijuana plant has different requirements during various stages of growth and making use of the same nutrients for indoor and outdoor growth may not yield the same results. Before application of nutrients to grow weeds, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions since they have great knowledge and experience of how the product works.


How to Feed a Weed Plant with Nutrients

In circumstances where you want to feed using your hands and the nutrients are dry, what you need to do is to mix nutrients and dissolve them in hot water, one day before application and let it cool overnight. Where you want to use water from the tap, allow some chlorine to evaporate by removing the topping off, this step can be left out if you are using premixed nutrient liquids. Each time you are watering you should use pure water with the nutrients. If you are using a reservoir, use water to top off and keep checking your PH level daily and, if necessary make some adjustment to maintain the appropriate level required for your Marijuana plant growth. The whole reservoir should be changed on a weekly basis.


Let looks at the basics of nutrient cycle timing

In the first phase, you should give Marijuana plant a dose of; Nitrogen, a moderate amount of potassium and phosphorous in the recommended NPK fertilizer ratio.


Week 1 of germination stage

During the germination phase, do not add any more nutrients as doing so may harm your plant instead of boosting growth.


Week 2 and 3 of Seedling stage

During this stage use a quarter of the dosage which is recommended by the manufacturer for adult plant and another quarter increment per week until the plant reaches its full strength. You should be keen with your plants since the level of nutrients required by each plant varies.


Week 6 and 9 of early flowering stage

During this phase, the light period should be 12/12 to stimulate blooming of the plant. Your plant will still need more Nitrogen at this stage therefore, you should continue with vegetative feeding. Immediately your plant buds attained a grape size, you should switch to phase two of nutrient cycle. During the phase, give your plant; a minimal dosage of nitrogen and a modest amount of Phosphorus and high level of Potassium. The reason for using minimal nitrogen is to help lower the level of leaves productions by the Marijuana plant.


Week 10 to 13 of mid to late flowering

At this stage, the buds will begin to pack, you should be aware of nutrient deficiencies and toxic build up at this period.


Week 14 of Late flowering to Harvest

At this stage, your Marijuana plant leaves will start yellowing from the bottom. There is nothing to worry about when this happens as it is usually normal. You should decrease feeding of your plant from half to three quarters. You will need to stop feeding completely and flush your plant with water, when your pistils turn rusty in color and when the trichomes change from clear to milky.