The vegetative growth of Marijuana is the stage that lies between seedling growth and the flowering stage, this stage usually lasts for 2 weeks after germination of Marijuana Seeds. The vegetative growth usually consists of Marijuana mother plant, seedlings, clones and plants growing before developing into a budding or bloom stage.


When foliage growth develops rapidly and root systems become established, Marijuana seedlings get into a vegetative growth. At the vegetative stage, it is important to understand everything about your strain. As your marijuana plant matures, the roots assume specialized functions. The center of the plant and matured portions are used for food storage and transfer of food nutrients to appropriate areas. Elongated cells that continue to stretch further in search of water and nutrients are produced into the growing medium. Water is absorbed by single-celled root hairs. If you expose roots to light, they get dry and damaged.


When you get a healthy roots system, it should be the right time to transplant your clones to the vegetative growth, you should also do this for seedling growth. This process may sound easy but if you are not careful you will break your harvest. Take serious precautions during transplanting to avoid damage to the roots. The mediums you decide to use should be soaked with water with a PH of 6.0 for about 1 hour. This is done to prevent roots from drying out. You should be careful not to crush or pinch roots when transplanting, especially if you are using rock wool.



Metal Halide Lights is mostly used for indoor growth of Marijuana. It provides the same light that the sun gives Marijuana plants, which are being grown outdoors. There are different types of lights available for vegetative growth. Different lights provide different spectrums. Note that a good indoor growing light is one that does not produce heat that can burn your plants.

When growing Marijuana indoors, it is good to select the type of light that provides the spectrum that your plant requires. Metal halides will provide you with the spectrum is required for a healthy vegetative growth.18 hours or more should be the light period of your vegetative growth per day. You may decide to use 24hours of light if you want to promote growth. The light hour is usually increased to help increase the number plants in your green house or warehouse operation. If you are a beginner please seek further advice on light use to prevent loss and damage.


The most suitable way of encouraging healthy growth is to make use of 250w halide for the first week of growth, 400w halide for the second week of growth and 1000w halide for the remaining weeks of growth before flowering stage. Using this method helps enhance growth without causing shock to plants. Hortilux Eye Blue Metal Halide lights are preferred for Marijuana vegetative growth because they always provide the best results in supporting healthy growth during the vegetative growth period.