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Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and marijuana’s effects on people vary depending on people involved. Cannabis can be somnific and soporific to a person consuming the drug for the first time. This makes many consumers assume these relaxing credits are endemic to all marijuana drugs. Consumers who have been using cannabis for some time may make use of different marijuana strains depending on the status quo and conditions they are in.

A specialist selling marijuana overcame sluggishness, restlessness, writer‘s block and social phobia by linking up the different strains with the matching situations so as to increase productivity. In accordance with the specialist’s thoughts prolificacy is the extra energy and force that abruptly erupts as the sequel and outcome of taking good care of your body.

Marijuana can be an impelling factor and a driving force that recompenses the consumer as they conquer their own prolificacy obstructions.

There are six different types of marijuana strains that can help improve a person’s productivity, mark-off a person’s to-do list and even get through a very hectic day. The six strains include Chemdawg, Jack Herer, Allen Wrench, Dutch Treat, Cinex and Durban Poison strains.

  • Chemdawg

Chemdawg is one of the most popular and preferred strains to be consumed before runs. The strain makes you feel very active and productive whole day long. After use one might feel a bit relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and not sleepy at all.

  • Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench is a recommended substitute for a cup of coffee according to bud tenders. It definitely brings limpidity to the mind and as a matter of fact, adds more energy to the body. The strain does precisely what it should. It calms one down while cheering the person up at the same time. In short, it leaves you elated, creative, relaxed, operative and active.

  • Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a legendary strain that is almost identical to Allen Wrench in terms of working on mental clarity. It is definitely a good sativa for prolificacy purposes. It is the best strain to use when working on an odd job a person has been ignoring in his or her house. After consuming it idling makes one irritated with the strain.

In addition to Jack Herer and Allen Wrench, Cecex is yet another mind-enhancing strain. A consumer ultimately becomes energetic, delighted, uplifted and much focused all day. Cinex strain has an earthy redolence with a hint of citrus in it. It hits one quickly but diminishes to a prolific and manageable high.

  • Durban poison

Durban poison is yet another strain with an African translation that has so much energy leaving a consumer very energetic and active. It is the best alternative strain for a person that wants a speedy feeling. This specific strain keeps people’s spirits elevated and prolific all day. Use of Durban poison strain causes a person to be more energetic, euphoric, open minded and upheld throughout.

  • Dutch treat strain

Dutch treat strain is a mid-level hybrid that has an earthy and aroma that is discrete and ultimately transmutes into a relaxing elation. When smoked once, it leaves the person productive throughout, talkative and easily put off by anything small. To sum it all up, consumption of this strain leaves a person quite happy, creative, relaxed and hoisted.


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