Marijuana fertilizers and Nutrients provide the plant with sufficient food it requires to grow and develop into a full grown and high yielding plant. The fertilizer used in Marijuana has been designed to suit every stage of growth. The development of healthy roots, buds, and flowers contribute heavily to enhancing the value of Marijuana by, making sure the chemicals such as THC and others that are most sought out for by Marijuana users for recreation and treatment are of high quality. For example, Marijuana users enjoy the kind of Weed that gives them the best hit and induce a relaxation of the mind and the body.

Knowing which type of fertilizer is good for your plant and the feeding schedule is extremely important. Over feeding your plant will cause too much accumulation of salt and in some cases yellowing of the plant which is a sign of burning.

If you are beginning to grow Marijuana for the first time, use the guidance provided by experts and also follows the instructions provided by your fertilizer and nutrients manufacturer.

We are going to focus on the contents of the best Marijuana fertilizer and see how they contribute to the development and growth of the plant.

Reefertilizer is fertilizer best suited for Marijuana growth due to its three formulas, namely Start, Grow and Bloom. With this fertilizer, all you need is sufficient water, soil, and light. The three formulas are designed to serve seedlings, vegetative and final stage of growth.

Start formula consists of pure natural ingredients and organic which help to enhance the development of healthy root growth in small seedlings and clones. The uptake of water and nutrients in the roots is facilitated by a fungus that grows on the roots. The development of fungus is caused by the addition of a mixture of mycorrhizae and humates. Actually, the main ingredients in the Start formula are 50% of humates and 50% of mycorrhizae.

During application, use a mixture of 15ml scoops of Start formula together and 4L of soil or other whichever growing medium applicable. Also, use 1/3 of start cup nutrients for every 5 gallons. Please note that this set is not suitable in a hydroponic setup.


Grow formula is meant to be used during the vegetative stage. This formula has all of the important nutrients, nitrogen phosphate, and potassium. Marijuana plants rely on these three nutrients to grow healthy and strong. When you use Grow formula, your Marijuana plant will be protected from nutrient deficiencies, besides helping the plant to flourish and grow.

During the vegetation stage, use between 2 and 3 and of 10ml to 15ml scoops of growing formula with four liters of water.

In the final stage of growth, Bloom formula is used. Bloom fertilizer has been made for full-grown plants. It introduces calcium and adds phosphorus to enable your plant to develop strong and healthy Marijuana buds and flowers.

At the beginning of Bloom Phase, use between 1 and 2 tsp per gallon of water in every feeding and at the end of Bloom stage, use 2 to 3 tsp per gallon of water in every feeding. Depending on the growing conditions of your environment, you can always adjust the dosage. Marijuana plant should be flushed one week before harvest.