The Mad Farmer Nutrient is used to increase and ripen the plant, due to its high levels of Phosphorus and Potassium. The nutrient is applied at the beginning of the first week so that it can ease the development of flower sets. It is also used between the last two to three weeks of flowering, usage at this time help to enhance blooming and ripening of the plant.

Mad Farmer is also liked because it is ideal for triggering the smell and flavor of cannabis. When using the nutrient in growing, you should decrease concentration by up to 49% because too much usage will burn down the plant.

Just like other nutrients, the Mad Farmer’s Nutrient has product lines that have been made to suit different purposes during the Marijuana plant growth. They are used together at different levels such as seedling, budding and flowering. This is to help the plant keep up good health of the plant until the period



Nuts are Mad Farmers nutrient line that is purely organic. Nuts are designed to increase the rate of Nutrient uptake of the plant; they also strengthen the plant and improve the quality and measure of harvest. The yield from a healthy marijuana plant helps to bring out its full effects even used for medical purposes. The good thing with Mad farmers Nuts is that it can be used in various growing media such as soil, rock, and even soilless combination. You should use Nuts regularly with a foliar spray on a weekly basis until a week before a harvest.



Silica should be used on a weekly basis with a foliar spray and also with every watering. Use Silica solution so that you can provide your plant with increased levels of Silicon and Potash. Silica may sometimes raise the PH levels and when that happens you should use the Get Down to lower the PH.


BEONE is developed to help in each stage of the plant growth and to lower stress and shock when conducting transplanting and cloning. BEONE can be used with all nutrients and fertilizers due to its unlimited compatibility.

Use Detox to prevent overtime excessive accumulation of salt. Due to its high concentration, use only one teaspoon in each gallon of water. Detox is also compatible with all fertilizers and does not have any masking elements.

The development of roots is very important for your Marijuana plant; therefore, use Mad Farmer’s Mad Root which has been made to make sure that the processes of rooting seedlings and the clones are fast.



The Root It product line has been made to help with the propagation of newly grown plants. It has a thick water gel which gives much-needed vitamins and hormones that will stimulate the quick development of healthy roots and also decrease the stress level of the plant. PH control is easily done through the use of Get Up and Get Down the nutrient line to increase and lower the PH levels of the plant respectively.