LED vs HID grow lights: The hunt for the best grow light continues even as most indoor Marijuana growers realize how fast development is in the Marijuana industry. This hunt aims at getting a grow light that will replace the sunlight and be able to influence the quality growth of a Marijuana plant with a high yield.LED lights are in various forms and some forms are known to be different than others and even their cost differs.

Research has concluded that perfect HIPS and LED lights have similar efficiencies. However, the beginning capital per photon provided from LED fixtures is between 5 to 10 times higher than HID fixtures.

There are more interesting findings that were made during the research and that is, the quantity of light is much more important than the quality of light. As much as quality takes care of specific aspects of the metabolism of the plant, it provides less impact on the photosynthesis, which is a great driving factor of plant growth. This is contrary to what LED grow says about their products and about the wavelength they give. However, the truth is HID lights are still used in the indoor growth of Marijuana and there is a very good reason for that. The double-ended HID are generally 61% more effective and efficient than the normal Mogul-based HID fixtures.

Precision in lighting can improve electrical efficiency in the same way a precise irrigation can develop water efficiency. This basically means that HID, LED or the two of them can be used in tandem since, different grow organization and arrangement in a greenhouse or any other grow rooms needs both.

LED vs HID grow lights

Grow rooms that have a large spacing would benefit greatly from LED lighting since it gives a beam that is more focused while, growing room with a lot of “sea green” would get benefit from HID and this is because less light would be absorbed and lost to the walls or even the floors, in its more wider beam.

The good thing about LED is that they are cooler to touch and they can be put and used between the plants, in a place where light emitted is absorbed fully. What makes LED light the best for supplemental greenhouse lighting is the ability to precisely produce and deliver light.

There is a possibility that with time, the price of the LED light will go down even as their quality as grow light for Marijuana moves up. This means that if you want to save money, it is good you keep using the HID lighting. Using the double ended bulbs is better because it provides higher wattage. For example, wattage of 1000 will provide sufficient light for growth given the high wattage.

If you are running a large scale operation of Marijuana growth, you should make a careful layout in your garden; ensure the lighting is also efficient and well distributed. This will save you a lot of money even as you make more from your plants.