Jorge’s Diamonds

    Jorge’s Diamonds – Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A perfect example of Dutch Passion, this fruity beast with cast a shadow with the comically tall bud towers, glassy fan leaves, and pungent, loud dankness.  It screams from the substrate, thrusting nearly phallic like colas into the air, trichomes leaving hazy golden aura around camouflage green core.

Potency, potency, and even more potency is crammed into your buds.  Imagine high THC testing, super high terp levels to keep that smell so loud for so long, dense nuggets that will almost make it look Too perfect.  You’ll have to keep a picture of the kids as they grow into full fledged plants for people to believe that it can come from anything less than Amsterdam’s own celebrity growers.  Make your friends jealous, then make them incredibly happy.

She can be pretty thirsty and will take whatever food and light you can give her.  High ceilings will keep you from having to bend her over and tying down, but might still be needed to keep it from hanging over.  It won’t be the tallest plant ever, but it does get up there.

Don’t think you can break this one either.  It’s a beginner breed and even if you don’t hit all the tough to reach spots, you’ll still find it worth your time and greenroom space.  If you don’t like it too much, somebody will and it certainly won’t spend much time in the jar.  This is another one that can provide for good extracts as well.  Squish some of that fresh goo out of the nugs, let it air out for a moment to settle and dab it fresh.  The pungent punch will completely knock you back and those strong fruity notes will get the salivary glands working like they need every bit of that indica to keep up.

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