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When it comes to growing marijuana, there is always the need to set up your marijuana growing space correctly. It is not something that you just do in a single day. This is because it is a combination of several things to ensure you end up with the best marijuana yields in the end. Before everything get informed, Learn Sativa University Cannabis Growing could be a good start point for you.There is no doubt that the having the best yields is definitely going to be a nice option for you to consider. We get to check out some of the essentials for properly setting up the grow space.

  1. Lights

We all know that plants need light for the process of photosynthesis. Well, it is important to get the right amount of light being set up in the room for growing marijuana. Also, you have to keep in mind that the amount of light varies with the phases. The vegetative phase will have the plants needing up to 18 hours of light and then followed by darkness for 6 hours. When the plant is in the flowering stage, then the light is needed for 12 hours only.

It is important to pick the right lights that can deliver on the best brightness. Also, you have to make sure that the lights are mounted in the right position from the plants.

  1. Ventilation

The ventilation also comes in handy when it comes to having the best grow room as compared to the others those lacking the best air circulation. Well, you definitely have to keep the grow tent or room airtight. This is because the marijuana smell can easily go beyond the room. Some of the smell can be irritating. As much as this is the case, there is the need to have the best air circulation in the room.

This is achieved through having a carbon filter. This is for the air going outside. The filter eliminates the marijuana smell while at the same time being able to maintain fresh air in the room.

You also have to set up a fan to help with consistent circulation of air in the room.

  1. Watering system

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the watering system. It is inevitable that you have to supply the right amount of water to the plants. As a result, you have to set up a watering system that ensures proper amount of water gets to the plants. Also, you have to adjust the humidity so that you do not end up having too much humidity. With too much humidity, you can end up causing the plants to have fungus and mold.

  1. Temperature control

Another thing you have to consider is the temperature control. You need to have the best temperature control so as to avoid overheating of the room and subsequently the plants. The temperature is seen to be good for photosynthesis, but it does not mean it becomes too much. You will have to vary the temperature within the acceptable limits. Having too high or too low temperatures all have negative effects on the plant.

  1. Nutrient delivery

Well, you might want to have plants that are healthy. This is where having the best nutrients being delivered to the marijuana plants is important. Some of the important nutrients include nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. The nutrients play an important role in making sure that you have the best in terms of healthy plants and also the yields.

Also, you can expect to find many different types of nutrient blends. This is where you get to use them depending on the cycle of the plants. Just make sure that you do not overuse the nutrients and end up burning the plants too much.

  1. Security

Of course you might want to also consider the security. This is where you want to restrict the access to the marijuana room all the time. You can even set up cameras and extra locks to make sure that no unauthorized personnel can access the room.Learn Sativa College Cannabis Growing School can come in great help and advice for you.

Another thing is that you need to seal the windows and use the carbon filters. This helps in keeping the marijuana scent from easily getting out. This should drive you to have a good time when it comes to maintaining a low key with your marijuana growing activities.


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