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Butters, oils, lotions, and salves are handy when it comes to treating skin-related ailments. Mix some CBD with these oils and the end result is a product that can treat everything from typical skin afflictions to acute inflammation. Before buying CDB oil search for your best choice, Learn Sativa Best Cbd Oils could be a great star point.

CBD is a compound extracted from cannabis plants, that doesn’t intoxicate, but has a rather potent punch in other ways. When infused into an ordinary carrier oil, CBD becomes a skin-saving home remedy.

Many people nowadays are appreciating the value of CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-aging abilities. When topically applied, CBD oil can act as an important skin saver, treating eczema, acne, and other related disorders.

Being unsaturated and undiluted, CBD oil soaks superbly into your skin without jamming your pores, making it a perfect natural moisturizer. Make sure you do the best choice when you buy CBD oil, Learn Sativa University Best Cbd Oils made a great review last year which can help you.

In this article, we will look at how topicals work and the process of creating some skin-friendly coconut oil-based CBD salve at home.

What is a topical?

A topical is something that can be applied directly to a body part. Most CBD topical comes either in form of a cream or salve. Creams are usually created with Shea butter. However, when it comes to salves, CBD is normally suspended in carrier oil, like coconut oil.

If you are after moisturizing your skin, a salve is better suited since it sits on your skin for some time before being absorbed.

How do topical work?

The answer is quite simple. There are numerous cannabinoid receptors positioned throughout your body, including your brain and the skin. The most popular subtypes are CB1 and CB2.

When you apply a CBD cream or salve, these receptors help the oil to enter the skin and begin working where it is most needed. As opposed to smoked or ingested CBD, a salve or a cream provides you ultimate control over which your body parts should receive the oil’s therapeutic powers.

Now that we have explored the nitty-gritty’s of CBD salve and cream, let’s learn how you can prepare some Coconut oil-based CBD salve at home.

Coconut oil-based CBD salve

To prepare a CBD-based salve, start with approximately 16 ounces of coconut oil. Mostly, this kind of oil is favored as it helps fortify healing and restorative abilities of the final product.

Coconut is a popular health and beauty booster, hence incorporating it to your salve seems sensible. If you do not have access to coconut oil, you can use olive or sweet almond oils (or a blend of the two). But ensure they are of high-quality.

Infusing your coconut oil with CBD

Now, there are two ways to blend your oil with CBD:

  1. A high-CBD strain – In other words, this is a strain that has a lot of CBD.
  2. CBD oil – Good CBD oil will outline the percentage of CBD in the package. This gives you ultimate control of how much CBD you will use in your preparation. Through the given percentage, you can compute how potent you wish your CBD-infused oil to be.

Method 1: Preparation guidelines for a high-CBD strain

  1. On low heat, melt your coconut oil
  2. Add about 1 ounce of cannabis bud to your coconut oil. Subject the mixture to heat for about 12-24 hours. Once the mixture takes a brown/green color, it’s ready.
  3. Strain the concoction through cheesecloth. This is to get rid of all the cannabis plant pieces.
  4. Afterward, in a pot, melt approximately 2 ounces of beeswax.
  5. When completely heated, stir in your coconut oil/cannabis liquid. Remember to add it bit by bit to prevent clumping.
  6. Once everything is blended, pour a little mixture into a bowl to check if it’s in the right texture. If it’s too thin, consider adding some beeswax to thicken it up.
  7. When you achieve your desired texture, allow it to cool, and then put it in an airtight container.

Method 2: Preparation guidelines when using CBD oil 

  1. On low heat, melt your coconut oil.
  2. Add your desired amount of CBD oil to the heated coconut oil.
  3. Melt approximately 2 ounces of beeswax.
  4. Stir in your CBD-infused coconut oil to it.
  5. Once done, check if the mixture is in the right texture. You can use the beeswax to thicken or thin it up to your preference.
  6. Cool the mixture before storing it in an airtight container.

Remember, unlike the cream, a salve usually requires refrigeration to preserve its texture.

Not having the patience to make it on your own?

All the best as you take care of your skin with this natural remedy!

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