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Cannabis consumption isn’t cheap, the costs of buying from dispensaries can be a little steep especially when you want the good ones – cannabis strains that are high in THC and in CBD. At best, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your material when you use it that’s why a lot of people started using vaporizers not only because they’re better for your health as compared to smoking your weed but also because they’re better for your pocket as well in the long run. High-quality vaporizers like the DaVinci Vaporizers are made specifically for optimum dry herb consumption, they’re designed and engineered to provide cannabis consumers not only a with a healthier alternative but also with a cost-effective means of consuming their favorite dry herbs. The process of vaporization requires you to burn – or in this case, vaporize – less your materials to get that high. You end up lighting up more joints and packing more bowls to get high when smoking cannabis rather than just simply loading up a few buds or loose-leaf matter when you’re vaping weed. Studies have shown that using vaporizers allow you to get at the very least 46 percent of whatever cannabinoids are present in your material, whereas smoking a joint only allows you to get as much as 25 percent of the THCs and CBDs from your weed. Moreover, as a vaporizer user myself, I find that fewer materials go to waste when vaping since I experience fewer to no charred or burnt weed at all.

Vaping also saves you money for future hospital bills since the idea of using vaporizers is to eliminate combustion, which not only harms and kills most of the curative and psychoactive compounds in your cannabis strain but also causes damage to your lungs and may pose serious health issues in the long run. Burning plant matter, be it tobacco or cannabis, causes the chemical bonds of the dried material to break down by the atom. This phenomenon causes the reaction of smaller organic modules as they are torn into smaller fragments which turns them into free radicals. When free radicals interact with each other or when they’re exposed and combine with other atoms, they produce thousands of chemical substances which are then mixed with the smoke. Some of these are highly toxic and are known to cause cancer. On the other end of the spectrum, vaporizers heat up dried herb materials without reaching the point of combustion which not only preserves the quality of the vapor but also faithfully preserves the flavor notes and the distinct aroma of your favorite strains.

Now that we’ve established that vaping is better for you and for your wallet let’s talk about how you can save more by becoming self-sufficient in terms of sourcing your materials.

Growing Your Own Weed

Growing your own allows you to take full control over your dry herb strains. Not only does it cut some of the costs but it also gives you a rewarding experience and helps you engage with the habit of cannabis consumption as well as have a deeper understanding and connection with the plant. Apart from being a cost-effective means of obtaining and securing marijuana for your vaping needs, here are some of the benefits of tending your own.

You Build A Connection With The Plant

When you grow your own weed, you’ll find that it’s very similar to having pets. You start seeing them grow and see that whatever you’ve invested both in time and in money eventually pays off. While you’re slowly getting into the hobby of growing your own marijuana you’ll find that the process of tending to the plants has the same stress-relieving effects as smoking them. You might also be surprised to know that some, if not most growers, take the time to even talk to their plants and routinely check them which lets them develop a relationship with their weed.

You Know What You’re Getting

And because you’ve spent a significant amount of time taking care of your weed, you’re 100% sure of what you’re vaping. The common argument when purchasing marijuana to be used for your vaporizer is that you never really know what you’re getting, this is true especially when you’re getting weed from hookups. You won’t know if the weed you’re getting has been sprayed with pesticides or for how long has it been stored or where was it stored. You probably won’t get that information from your dealer, not unless you’ve developed a close “business” relationship with them. When you grow your own weed you’re sure that you’re getting the best and the freshest materials that are tended with the utmost care. That’s what makes them special.

Making The Most Out Of Your Home Grown Weed

Now that we know how beneficial using vaporizers and growing your own marijuana is, let’s talk about making the most out of it.

The primary means of getting the essential components of the plant is by breaking them down to pieces and there’s no better way to do that than by using a grinder. A grinder is a perfect tool especially for vaporizer users since it shreds the plant matter into smaller bits allowing it to cover larger surface area and makes of a better make up for vaporization. Some grinders also feature a pollen catcher to allow its users to collect kief. Kief is the most prized component of cannabis because it contains the highest percentage of cannabinoids which holds the key to cannabis’ therapeutic and psychoactive effects. Kief can be used in a wide array of applications, the best being (you know it’s coming) through vaporization. Not all vaporizers were made to handle kief, it’s best to find devices like the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer For Sale online which can manage kief. It’s recommended that you apply kief in between two layers of ground herbs to achieve best results.

By using grinders, you can get the best results with your homegrown marijuana and with your vaporizer.

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