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Using a water pipe, otherwise known as a bong, is an important part of enjoying your cannabis, tobacco, or other dried herbs. But it’s equally important to know how to clean your piece! It’s not customary to eat food off dishes that are dirty, so why would you want to use a dirty bong? You wouldn’t!

Any gunk that begins to accumulate within even the best bongs will begin to overpower the taste that gets pulled up when you smoke your dried herbs. So, in this article, we will share just how to clean a bong for those who are not accustomed to it.

The first way to clean your piece is to give it a quick scrub. This is intended for use when your piece is moderately used, but heavily used bongs can benefit from a quick scrub as well. Use a product such as Randy’s Black Label, or another product along those lines.

Shake your cleaner well before using it. This is important! If you do not, only liquid will make its way out and you will be left with a bottle of salt, which is a waste. Making sure to squeeze as you deposit the liquid into the bong will give you an additional amount of salt to help clean your piece. Shake this solution for a minute or two (but be careful so that you don’t break your glass!), or until all of the resin is buffered off of the glass bong. Once that is complete, you will want to wash your bong thoroughly. This is important!

Sometimes the piece you have is so dirty that you simply need to give it a deeper clean. This is recommended for pieces that are heavily used and have a great amount of stubborn resin that needs to be removed. You will need to reserve a few hours for your bong to clean and use a heavy duty product like Kush Clean. Once you are done, you can reuse the solution with another piece that needs a good cleaning. Again, make sure you give your bongs a very thorough rinse so that you can do not run the risk of inhaling leftover cleaner. Use hot water. This will not only cleanse the bong of any leftover chemical but it will be the final step in ridding your piece of caked resin as well.

Another product that you can use to clean resin from your piece is alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol works well, so you may want to try this. It’s great for cleaning lightly to moderately used pieces and it enabled you to clean your bong in only 15 minutes. And the good news? This product is cheap!

Even if you are a beginner at using a water pipe, you can know how to clean a bong. And trust us, you will certainly want to keep this maintenance in practice! Make sure that you use the right products for the amount of resin your bong has, and never ever forget to give your piece a rinse after cleaning. This will ensure your safety and the quality of the experience you have with your bong.

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