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As the global legalization of marijuana takes its roots, many people are choosing to use medical marijuana over clinical prescriptions to treat the pain and anxiety and other ailments. Most of the medical marijuana patients use vaporizers as a mode of ingesting the drug, and therefore patients should be knowledgeable on which vaporizer to use as it affects how the drug is going to be absorbed into the body.

There are very many types of vaporizers in the market and can be very confusing to consumers, so today we are going to look at how to choose a vaporizer at a cheaper cost and with maximum efficiency. If you need to find the perfect vaporizer, then you should consider the following factors by answering the questions how, who, when, why and where are you using the vaporizer. With these questions answered, you can get perfect ripper razor for yourself.

Factors to consider

What are you vaping?  Flowers or concentrates. This provides perfect knowledge as they are vaporizers for vaping flowers and others are specifically designed for concentrates vaping while others are designed for both flowers and concentrate vaporization. If you want to be able to buy a large quantity of CBD, check out Cbd Products Wholesale Supplier

Where are you vaping?  Are you at home or on the go? If you’re ripping from home, then you may prefer a desktop vaporizer which is trying to study as there will be no need for you to carry it around with you.  If you are on the go, then you’ll need a portable vaporizer which as of today is numerous in the market ranging from a vape pen to e-cigarettes

How are you vaping?  What’s your preference? Are you a convection type of guy or a conduction type person? With these, you should know that there are different types of vaporizers some use convection method while others are designed to heat the concentrated using conduction method

Therefore, convection is basically of movement of heat from a higher temperature level to a lower temperature level in a fluid. This only applies to e-liquids. Conduction refers to a similar transfer of heat but in solids such as metal. Convection relies on fluids and gases while conduction relies on metal to heat the concentrates wax or the liquid

Golden tip; if you are vaping flowers then it is advisable to pick a convection vaporizer as it does not burn the material compared to the conduction method. The fact that there is no burning involved means that you’re going to get quality vapor with less contaminant unlike in conduction method.  If you’re looking for a way to conserve your terpenes then you should get a convection vaporizer. Remember terpenes are very expensive and you should look for cost-efficient methods of vaporizing.

Turning our attention to a conduction vaporizer, it gets its heat from a direct source which should be in contact with your herbs.  One of the best aspects of conduction vaporizer is that it heats at lightning speed and only takes a matter of seconds for your unit to be fully heated. Unfortunately, this leads to uneven combustion with your herbs as the material which will be in contact with the coil gets heated faster than the materials which are further from the coil,  raising the need for you to stir your content every single session.

Conduction vaporizers are the pioneers in the rising market of vaporizers. They are usually less expensive than convection vaporizers, very efficient and more users friendly. However, the very negative aspect is that they burn all your herbs an element which is compensated by quality vapor and time-saving.

Note that the above-mentioned tips are for beginners and there a lot of other factors to be considered which requires a lot of experience. For newbies, you may want to choose less expensive and easy-to-use vaporizers as you amass experience with time. Therefore always remember conduction vs. convection when selecting your vaporizer.

Choosing a Portable Vaporizer

It’s probably my most important point really if you are discerning whether you need a portable vaporizer for starters. If you’re going to be using it every single day and if you will be smashing the thing then I would suggest at least having a look at some of the home unit systems available at the cannabis blog. There are many types, and the above are a couple of the reasons why would potentially go for a home unit instead of a portable vape. If you need to be using this thing on the go most of the time, if you needed to be discreet, if you needed to heat up quickly, but if you’re not going to be using it frequently, then there are a lot of good options on the market. You only have to go through them, and it can be quite overwhelming sometimes because there are so many options these days. However, generally speaking, there are a few factors that you should be considering when you’re purchasing a portable, so the first of which is;

Vapor production

This is very important and obviously high end unit like the Mighty by Storz and Bickel is going to produce a lot more vapor for the amount of material that you put in there than say a magic flight launch box which is a budget line vaporizer.


What I should be looking at is, and I cannot begin to describe how important this one is simply put, if your unit is easy to clean and if it’s going to last a lot longer for you. So generally speaking the smaller units like the original Pax are going to be pretty tricky to maintain whereas the larger that units like the Arizer solo are going to be a lot easier.


This brings me to the next factor which is the size, and honestly I would recommend going through as big of a unit as you can stand typically the small units are a little bit less reliable they have less battery life and they have less cooling capacity as well so they are going to be harsher on your lungs.

Battery life

The next factor you should be looking at is battery life. This is fairly important for most people and as I just mentioned it relates fully directly to the size of the unit so. Generally speaking, the bigger units have better battery life and the smaller more pocket-friendly units will have less battery life.

Here are a couple of examples; we’ve got the Magic Flight launch box, which is a pocket friendly portable and  it’s going to give you around 123 draws per battery per charge, and there’s Arizer solo which is going to give you like four to six sessions per charge, so that’s about 60 minutes of continuous use


Next factor is durability which this may or may not be important to you depending on your own situation but generally speaking the units that are smaller lighter and contain less glass in the construction are going to be more durable so the Magic Flight launch box with an acrylic stem is going to be like the most durable vape that you can buy but you going to trade off a little bit of favour quality in battery life same to Crafty vaporizer. All of these units are going to be a lot more durable than say Davincior  Ascent which has glasses construction.

Temperature control

Temperature control is essential if you’re somebody who wants to monitor the temperature of your vaporizer. There are some units available that will let you do so via an LCD screen so you can select in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. These are going to be really accurate unlike other units that have preset temperatures like the Arizer solo which is has a temperature scale from 1 to 7 and then there are units like the Magic Flight launch box, the Firefly or the Whisper which is a butane vaporizer which doesn’t really have any set method and just is wary of.

When it comes to CBD, there are a lot potential buyers, but if you want to safely send great quality to your clients, check out for Cbd Oil Drop Ship Suppliers.

I hope you have gotten tips on how to choose a vaporizer and ready to venture into the market you can get more info from cannabis blog

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