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When it comes to picking the best marijuana seeds, sometimes it can be confusing. This is because there are many marijuana seeds available. Well, you might want to get yourself the best of the best. As a result, we get to give you some tips on how to choose the best marijuana seeds today. Once you end up having the right marijuana seeds, also the yield could be better.

What of kind of high to expect

You will mostly have the option of choosing between indica and sativa strains. Each of the strain will have a different kind of high to expect. You can also get the hybrid seeds that are meant to give you the best of both worlds.

Typically, you will find that the indica strains will be good for body relaxation. The sativa strains on the other hand are good for mind high. So, if you are going to choose the strains for planting, then you know which one to get on overall. This means that you can pick the seeds that will always give you the best high that you need.

Difficulty growing

Another thing you are to keep in mind, is the way you have to keep in mind should be the growing aspect of the seeds. We get to keep in mind the difficulty that comes into play when it comes to working with your seeds. Some seeds are often simple to grow while others might not be so simple. As a result, you have to consider getting yourself the best seeds based on your growing skills.

So, check out the seeds to see whether they are recommended for beginners or skilled marijuana growers. In the end, you will be able to have the best seeds that work great for you.

The growing height

Another thing you have to keep in mind should be the growth height. You have to consider the height of the marijuana plants. It is possible that some seeds will be taller than others are. As a result, you have to use seeds that will grow well within your grow space.

The plant size is often affected by several factors. This includes genetics, root size, training, pruning and more. Well, you can as well as pick one that will fit well in your growing space.

All the height information is stated in the seeds description. Well, there is the need to ensure that the seeds are good in terms of overall height. By comparing the different seeds, you will be able to pick one that is able to deliver on the best height generally.

The climate

Another thing should be looking at should be the climate. As much as people tend to grow marijuana indoors where they can control the conditions, some would love to grow outdoors. For a good yield, then you have to consider checking out the overall climate of the area before making up your mind. This is because some seeds will do better in some climate conditions as compared to others.

You have to keep in mind things such as the hours of sunlight, the temperature, rainfall, wind, and more climatic conditions. Well, you should have a good time getting the best marijuana seeds on overall if you pick those that can do better in your area.

Flowering period

The flowering period is definitely important. Some seeds will offer plants with less flowering time while others might be more. As a result, you have to pick seeds that are within the flowering period you want. For most of the seeds, they would deliver on plants with flowing periods of 12 to 14 weeks. This can also be longer depending on the strain. Well, some can be good for harvest even in just 10 weeks.

Well, a number of things go into making sure that you pick the best marijuana seeds with a good flowering period. You also want the yield to be good within that flowering period.


It is inevitable that you would want to ensure that the marijuana seeds you are getting can deliver on the best yields. The expected yield with these marijuana seeds is often in the product description. This means that you will be able to pick the seeds knowing how good they will perform.



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