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Are you looking for the best moisturizer for your skin? If you are like millions of others with similar problems, it’s highly likely that you have tried nearly everything from typical skin hacks to ancient herbal ointments to treat your sensitive skin, without little success. Fortunately, hemp-infused skin moisturizers are now on the market.

Hemp oil is an effective, natural skin moisturizer that won’t clog pores. It a good source of essential acids and lipids which are known to moisturize and protect the skin. What’s more; hemp oil is helpful in treating acne and redness (stubborn skin conditions), especially if it’s used on a daily basis.

This article will try to explore other key reasons why you should consider hemp oil benefits when it comes to hydrating and moisturizing your skin:

Hemp oil moisturizes without clogging pores.

Like we have mentioned above, the big secret to hemp oil’s hydration properties are the essential acids found in it. To begin with, hemp is a great source of Omega 3 and Omega-6 acids. Apparently, these fats moisturize the skin without clogging. Obviously, as a result of this, your skin is able to maintain its natural beauty and glow.

Additionally, the essential acids from hemp are known to encourage the production of elastin and collagen which inhibits dryness, tightens the skin, and reduces wrinkles. Basically, these essential acids work together to bring back normalcy into your skin’s natural production of oil.

Anything can negatively affect your body’s production of oil. Dietary restrictions, bad mood, even weather can decrease or increase the oil produced by your skin. Hemp oil use can normalize this production, leaving your skin smooth and without ant glossy residue.

Decrease irritation

Since hemp oils contain Omega-3, fatty acids (lipids), and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), it’s obvious that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Meaning, by using hemp oil, your skin will be soothed from rashes, dryness, and other irksome skin problems.


Hemp oil contains age-defying oleic acid and linoleic acid. These acids, in conjunction with the many minerals and vitamins in the oil, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without making your skin oily.

Skin Regeneration

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in the hemp oil promotes skin cell regeneration, and as result, giving rise to a new skin and restoring your dull, dry skin.

How to use hemp oil to hydrate your skin

To successfully hydrate your dry skin, use hemp moisturizers and hemp oils at least once or twice a day. Experts recommend using it once at night and once in the morning, in order for your skin tissues to reap maximum benefits.

Actually, you do not need to apply a lot for your skin to remain moisturized. For instance, to hydrate your whole body, apply about 2-3 grams of hemp body moisturizer or hemp body scrub all over your skin. Remember to massage in upward and circular motions in order to defy the pull of gravity and ensure your skin remains tight and soft.

Try hemp moisturizer today and notice the difference for yourself

If you are always looking for the best form of moisturizer for your rash-filled and dry skin, then look no further than a hemp moisturizer or hemp-infused emollient. Considering how effective hemp oil is, it’s no surprise why it is used in lotions, sunscreens, conditioners, lip balms, shampoos, and other skin care products. In other words, the moisturizing properties of hemp oil are one of the reasons for incorporating it into all these products. However, when you go shopping for hemp-related products to moisturize your skin, go for the natural and organic certified ones.

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