Before you start growing marijuana, you should choose the best light that suits the needs of your plants. The High Intensity grows light (HID) is still very popular for indoor Marijuana growth.

The HID grow light gives a cost-effective and efficient source of light used for cultivation and growing of Marijuana in hydroponic conditions.HID grow lights are normally cheaper as compared to the LED lights. For indoor growing of Marijuana two types of HID lights are used, these are High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH).Either of the two lights can be used for a complete and full grow all the way from seed to harvest even though it is recommended. You can alter the lights during different stages of plant maturity. If you start with MH during vegetative and then moving to HPS during the flowering stage, the strength of each light will help to increase the plant’s health and yields.

Choosing HID light wattage should be determined by; the space and the number of plants you have in your garden, their strain, and the amount of vegetative growth required. For examples bulbs with 400 watts are normally considered to lack efficiency and it is much better if you get a CFL grow light. Bulbs that have 1000 or more watts are also considered to be inefficient by most Marijuana indoor growers because they are large and emit a lot of heat that can burn your plant.

If you are a hobby grower HID light with a bulb of between 400 and 600 watts can work very well for you. Once you get multiple bulbs all you need to do is to space them, decrease hot spots and look for an even grow area.

Let’s focus on the two types of HID grow lights

 HID Grow Lights

Metal Halide (MH) grow lights

Several Metal Halide (MH) grow lights provide a light in a blue spectrum of 6000 to 7200 and one that replicates and gives natural lights, especially during spring and winter. Therefore, Metal Halide grow lights are the best to use during the early stages of Marijuana vegetative growth. Metal Halide grow light promotes leafy green plant, stem growth also branches and leaves that provide a short and bushy plant. You can use the light throughout the grow cycle even though this is not recommended.


High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights

The HPS light produces and emits light in the orange and red spectrum and this is what makes them the best for use during the flowering stage or the reproduction stage of Marijuana growth.

High-Pressure Sodium grows light is very efficient and lack of a blue spectrum makes it, even more, better for use during the vegetative stage of Marijuana growth. The orange and red spectrum helps in triggering hormones that increase budding and flowering. Marijuana that is grown in hydroponic conditions and using High-Pressure Sodium light normally generate better yields than when grown using only Metal Halide (MH) grow lights.HPS light can produce a lot of heat which should be dissipated by use air conditioning.