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Harvesting Your Own Marijuana Seeds: Many growers do not know how to harvest weed seeds. This is because most of the time we tend to buy already harvested seeds for our growth activities. Once you get how it is done, it will be easy to keep the cycle going. All you have to take care of is to have the right strain you want to keep planting.

Female Plants: PollinationHarvesting Your Own Marijuana Seeds

  • In the growth of weed, most farmers keep the females and males separate so as to prevent unwanted pollination. This has an effect on the potency and size of the yield. However, in our case we want seeds so we are not going to separate the plants.

First Method: Whole Plant Pollination

  • Although there are a couple of ways to pollinate the female plant, this is the easiest. It involves moving your male plants to the room where you are growing your female plants. You should then shake the male plants so as to allow the pollen to move to the females and pollination takes place. You should then relocate the females so as to allow the formation of seeds.This method is not the best as in the end you will lack a good quality harvest as you are pollinating the whole plant. However, seeds will be in plenty. It is recommended to those whose main aim is to get seeds in plenty. If you want fewer seeds, then this method is not an ideal one.

Second Method: Pollinating individual branches

  • This involves pollinating select branches of the female plant. This method is perfect to those who are aiming to grow some seeds while at the same time maintaining some level of quality buds. You will have to prepare both the male and female plants to breed. Then, clip some of the robust flowers of the male plant. For the female, prune the lower leaves of the desired branch that you want to pollinate. It should also have vigorous flowers. Next, you need to place the paper bag with the male clippings over the female branch and tie the end of the bag around the branch. You should then shake the bag and wait for a few hours to allow fertilization to take place.It is important to keep the room without any form of weed to avoid fertilization of unwanted branches. You should, therefore, turn off fans, close the windows and ensure that the room is calm.


  • After around 4 to 6 weeks, the pollination process is over and you can expect mature seeds within this time. To ensure that the seeds are ripe, just take one off the plant and squeeze it. If it breaks you should give the seeds more time to mature. You could look at other indicators such as the color. If at all they have solid colors, they are good to harvest. Also, most seeds will have garner stripes when they are ripe.Although it may look like a comprehensive process, with the right commitment, harvesting your own seeds is a simple thing. It all narrows down to whether you want entire seeds or a mixture of buds and some seeds.



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