We rely on Oxygen for our survival which we directly inhale from the air while exhaling carbon dioxide. The most interesting thing about the process of growing Marijuana with carbon dioxide is that what we cannot use Marijuana plant can! Growing weed with CO2 is key for it’s development during the daytime; with its levels determining the speed of growth.

Carbon dioxide in the presence of light and water through a photosynthetic process works to provide energy which is important to the growth of the marijuana plant. It is vital to ensure that the amount of carbon dioxide available will match the light available. This is so as to optimize on the process of photosynthesis.

Carbon dioxide is measured in parts per million (ppm) it is essential to ensure that the correct amounts are available for your plants. The amount of carbon dioxide available in outdoor air ranges from 350-450 ppm which allows the plan to do well. On a downside, plant growth usually stops if the levels of carbon dioxide reduce to 200 ppm and growth can only resume if these levels are increased. On the brighter side, if the carbon dioxide levels range form 450-1500 ppm, there is optimal growth of the plant. To help reduce on the time it takes to harvest Marijuana and maximize on the yield, one should consider raising the carbon dioxide to these levels.

Of importance to note, light and temperature have to go hand in hand with the levels of carbon dioxide. If the amount of light increased above 250 watts of metal halide and the temperature rises to over 70°F/21°C, this is when the plant is able to process carbon dioxide amounts of over 350-450 ppm. This in turn increases the plant growth by 40 percent.
It is important to note that one has to check the Co2 levels. If the plants consume too much, it can lead to deterioration of the tissues eventually affecting the quality of the bud.
You might be wondering how you can introduce additional Co2 to your garden. The following are ways you can do this:

Compressed CO2
The CO2 is collected and compresses into tanks by those manufacturing it. It allows the users to purchase and introduce these controlled quantities in their gardens via emitters. This setup does not require a generator which means heat is not produced. The process is best for smaller gardens.

CO2 Generators
The generator produces CO2 through burning natural gas or propane. They can be automatically set to power on or off when the specific levels of ppm are realized. This method produces heat and thus is not a good method for smaller spaces. This therefore makes it ideal for larger spaces.

With all the benefits attached to carbon dioxide in the growth of the marijuana plant, it is only prudent that a grower should consider these benefits and embrace the challenge. With the promise of increased yields this will only mean more money and a reduced span of growth. Growing weed with CO2 allows for very fast growth!