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How to start with growing cannabis indoors

The pending laws surrounding the legality of marijuana in the different states of the US continue to make access to this natural herb hard and harder. Despite the several rounds of research that have proved over and over that marijuana is not only recreationally useful but also has the therapeutic effects, it is still considered illegal in some places.

Even in the states where it is legal to be used as a treatment for certain illnesses, getting access is difficult given the prevailing circumstances. It is for this reason that several individuals have opted for growing their own cannabis.

For those new to this idea, however, it might sound alien and hard but it’s not. Since marijuana is a herb surrounded with a lot of controversies, the question most beginners ask themselves is how do I start growing indoors. The fact is, for individuals in need of direct access, it is much better to grow your own marijuana indoors so discretely that your neighbors will not notice.

In addition to giving you direct access, it also allows you to breed based on your interests. Saving you all the possible shady deals just to get a hold of this marijuana gold goes without say.

Tips and tricks for indoor growing marijuana with soil.

Why grow indoors

Given the scrutiny one might face when found growing marijuana at home, it is much safer to grow it indoors. This, however, does not mean that you ignore the legalities surrounding the growing of marijuana at home. The fact is, for individual growers, growing marijuana indoors, following the law saves you much more than bypassing it.

Unlike other plants, marijuana is known to be a weed able to grow and survive in even the worst conditions which makes it perfect for indoor growing. Therefore, you do not have to worry about all the extra care as it will reward you just within approximately 4 months.

Even better, you do not have to worry much about the setup because it could just be in a closet, garage, a cellar, the attic or a garden shade. The only thing to always keep in mind is that cannabis requires plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Tips and tricks for indoor growing marijuana with soil tips and tricks


Since the essence of growing indoors is to avoid neighbors snooping, for individuals with open houses that are not enclosed it might be a challenge. However, do not worry much because most of the things you need to enable you to grow your own cannabis even in your kitchen are available. For those with limited space, Fabric Pots are a way to grow marijuana indoors. These have been proven to work much better than solid plastic pots because they allow oxygen to reach the roots and excess water to drain.


Sometimes, when growing indoors it gets hard to access light for your cannabis plant, and this is where High-pressure Sodium PHS lamps come in. they are the best substitute for sunlight. The beauty is that they also aren’t expensive. Other lumps you could use include LED grow lights or CFL lamps. 1 x 150Watts CFL.

Like any other plant, cannabis needs fresh air to enable proper growth. When not well ventilated, they tend to develop insects like spiders, mites which will diminish the harvest. This is the reason why having a window or vent will help keep the plant healthy. Also given the fact that most marijuana plants stink, it’s important to have a carbon filter to help remove the typical marijuana smell so that other people won’t have to smell it.

A Grow Tent or box

This grow tent helps in containing the plant by keeping the bright light, and the smell inside. But for those who cannot access a grow tent, the best next option is a build of a grow box from wood.

Therefore, for those who thought starting up with indoor marijuana growing was so hard, now you know it is so easy. As a matter of fact, it even gets easier when you get started. So let’s allow the weed to grow indoors.