If you have an entire room to use and want to buy the equipment piece by piece yourself we offer some good grow room planning advice. Sometimes the best place to buy cheap is on eBay for standard products like reflective sheeting, pumps, piping, pots, growing medium and reservoirs.
Hydroponic systems grow marijuana indoors faster and larger, allow for uniformity of feeding from plant to plant, control over almost every aspect of growing and near-total automation and reduce the number of possible pests you must deal with. If hydroponics is so superior then why doesn’t everybody switch? The reasons are simple (disregarding the flavor myth). Soil-grown plants can be made to be ‘set and forget’ requiring no additional fertilizer for the full cycle and only requiring regular watering. Soil acts a natural buffer giving plants some protection against over-fertilizing. They are much less prone to catastrophic failure. Soil offers perhaps the biggest plusses are low complexity and low cost. Full blown hydroponics will give you enormous control and bigger yields over the same time frame.