Marijuana grow room planning

If you have an entire room to use and want to buy the equipment piece by piece yourself we offer some good grow room planning advice. Sometimes the best place to buy cheap is on eBay for standard products like reflective sheeting, pumps, piping, pots, growing medium and reservoirs.
Hydroponic systems grow marijuana indoors faster and larger, allow for uniformity of feeding from plant to plant, control over almost every aspect of growing and near-total automation and reduce the number of possible pests you must deal with. If hydroponics is so superior then why doesn’t everybody switch? The reasons are simple (disregarding the flavor myth). Soil-grown plants can be made to be ‘set and forget’ requiring no additional fertilizer for the full cycle and only requiring regular watering. Soil acts a natural buffer giving plants some protection against over-fertilizing. They are much less prone to catastrophic failure. Soil offers perhaps the biggest pluses are low complexity and low cost. Full blown hydroponics will give you enormous control and bigger yields over the same time frame.

Marijuana grow rooms require careful planning as without it, you won’t be able to fit your plants. The success or failure of your farming depends entirely on the planning of the grow room. That is why it is necessary to spend a good deal of your time in planning the room. There are factors that should be considered when setting/planning your grow room. We will elaborate more on them in this article.

Factors considered in room planning

  • Lighting-Lighting is an important aspect in planning the marijuana grow room. One should plan the room in such a way that there is adequate distance between the plants and the lighting system. It will ensure that the plants grow under the right conditions.
  • Ventilation system-The grow room must have an efficient grow room ventilation system. This helps in the air circulation in the room and plants will grow well and give good yields.
  • Space-You must ensure that when planning your grow room has enough space. Good care of the herbs is entirely dependent on this. When a room is well planned, you can access every plant and give the care that is intended.
  • Reservoir tank and Water-These are important when planning the grow room. They are basic requirements of our plants.
  • Grow Medium-One should consider the growing medium before planning the room. This is because different systems work differently. Whether it’s soil or hydroponic systems, proper planning must take place.

Importance of proper planning of a grow room

  • Easy management-When the grow room is properly planned, the management of our plants will be easy. In turn, the yields will be high, giving satisfaction to the farmer.
  • Time Saving-You will find that the time set aside for tending to your plants will be minimized and hence doing other things. This is because you literally know where everything is in the room.
  • High yields– High yields are directly proportional to good planning. Just like in our normal lives, you find that when you plan, the end result will be great. The same applies to our plants.


Planning the marijuana grow room before planning is an important exercise and will greatly determine the results you get at the end of the day. I would, therefore, recommend careful planning of the room prior to planting marijuana.