Marijuana grow tents

Grow tents come in all kinds of sizes and you can even custom make them. They are usually a large wardrobe size tents with reflective material on the inside, then you choose your hydroponic kit, lighting, extraction fans, carbon filters, and sometimes ozone generators. Grow tents are usually cheaper than full blown grow boxes.

A marijuana grow tent is a self-contained space that containers with hydroponic systems or soil are placed. Grow tents serve the same purpose as grow boxes and are for small scale marijuana farming. We will focus on the features of the grow tents, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using them

Big Buddha tent

Features of grow tents

  • Lightproof-The structure of the grow tent is made in such a way that light cannot leak in or out. It benefits the plants in that at night, they will be in total darkness and hence forming many buds.
  • Water proof-The floor of the tent must be water proof to contain spills. Some tents come with flood trays that cater for large spills. The tent should also be easy to clean.
  • Good Ventilation-Grow tents should have vents and airports to help in setting up a good circulation system. The sealed nature of the tents makes them ideal for these operations. It makes it simple to circulate air and keep the tent in a perfect condition.
  • Smell Proof-Tents should be attached with carbon filters to curb the strong marijuana smell, especially in the flowering stage.
  • These are the basics. When purchasing a grow tent, one should look for one that has an edge over the others. It should have extra finer details.

Advantages of a grow tent

  • Stealth-A good grow tent makes sure that smells and lights do not leak. This conceals your plants. Less attention is drawn and therefore not many will know of your herb farm.
  • Cheap-Grow tents are relatively cheap. The costs range from $70 to $200 depending on the specifications.
  • Easy to set up-Setting up a grow tent will only take a few hours. Therefore, after purchase, you won’t spend much time on the tent.


  • Limited Space-Normally, a grow tent will take 16 (2’x2’) to 256 (8’x8’) plants. Therefore, one is limited in space. However, there are way better than grow boxes that take up to 5 plants.


For a grower  that would be looking to grow a few ounces of weed per month, grow tents are the best solution. They make sure that your plants are in good conditions leading to a pleasing yield.