Grow-room ventilation for Marijuana plants

When growing Marijuana indoor, one of the essential aspects you cannot simply ignore is the ventilation system. Air ventilation in the grow room ensures good gaseous exchange for our plants and at the same time ensuring heat produced by lights in the room is gotten rid of. The end result is healthy crops that will bear a big yield.

Reasons for a good ventilation system

  • Controlling the room’s temperature-Marijuana plants will call for a room temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius. If messed around with, wrong temperatures could lead to stunted growth of our plants. Therefore, good ventilation is key.
  • To control the humidity-Our plants will require humidity levels of between 40-70% during the vegetative stage and 40-50% during the flowering stage. Above or below these levels will lead to our plants developing molds at late stages. An exhaust fan will be needed to drive humid level out of the room. An automatic moisture control meter would also be ideal.
  • To enable photosynthesis-A good ventilation system is required so as to replenish carbon dioxide levels in the room. It is vital in the process of photosynthesis.

Elements of a good ventilation system

  • Intractor and Extractor Fans-Extractor fans are responsible for the general climate of the room. Industrial fans are the best for this purpose. They ensure that air is efficiently circulated in the growth room. The intractor fan works hand in hand with the extractor fan. They make sure fresh air from outside gets into the room. At all times, the capacity of the intractor fans must be lower than that of the extractor fans.
  • Carbon Filters-These are necessary for eliminating the marijuana smell from the room mostly when the plants are flowering.

Indoor marijuana plants must be taken care of so as to give good yields. With the ventilation system being an important part in the growth of our plants, it is good to have an efficient, healthy system.